ZX Spectrum Longplay [075] Deathwish III


Played by: Mad-Matt

Deathwish III for the Spectrum 128k

The game doesn’t have an end and just loops endlessly in order to attain the highest score. meh, but I try to play normally and hold out until my death.

I used to play this a lot, sometimes even to just listen to the music. Main object of the game is to kill the gang leaders for a particular area to be cleared. I think there is 5 of them, and the re-spawn in the same places. Same with the weapon pickups.

Some areas can be annoyingly tricky to get to as you have to find doors that could be a street a way, travel through the house and out the backdoor to access another path. The overall map is small, but can still get confusing as it rotates as you rotate to chose where to go.

Nguồn: https://ecotown-phumy.com/

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  1. One of my absolute favorite games as a kid. I tended to get bored after clearing out the gang bosses the first time, so I'd start murdering cops and little old ladies, then see how long I could survive. Good times.

  2. Are you sure this had no ending? A magazine here in Brazil once published a map of the game, with the location of all the Gang Leaders, and a solution to finich the game.

    I never managed to do it, but the map was spot-on, and there were lots of gang leaders.


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