XIEG – Forever (Stratovarius cover)


Strato-ballad “Forever” covered by Korean artist Siegfried Song (his group at the time was called XIEG I guess). This was performed as a farewell concert to his friends before he left Korea. Quite good. Be sure to check out his youtube channel listed below, especially his Dragonforce audition. Awesome stuff!

I stand alone in the darkness
The winter of my life came so fast
Memories go back to childhood
To days I still recall
Oh how happy I was then
There was no sorrow
There was no pain
Walking through the green fields
Sunshine in my eyes
I’m still there everywhere
I’m the dust in the wind
I’m the star in the Northern sky
I’ll never stay anywhere
I’m the wind in the trees
Would you wait for me forever.

Nguồn: https://ecotown-phumy.com/

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  1. Great performance dude!!! I just loved it!!!
    Here's my own versión =)
    Hope you like it!

  2. 야구팬: 승리에 함성을 다같이 외치자 엘지에 승리를 위하여~
    일반 유튭보는 사람: 왼쪽으로 말아 김숴봥


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