wow! an amazing game on probability || must watch || how to make a game at home real cool fun


hello friends am back with a new idea a game totally new for kids
first of all thanks for spending your precious time on my video

in this video a game on a new topic probability has been made
and it is really interesting game for all aged persons no money is
required to make it
you can make it easily by following my recommended steps
and enjoy real fun at home with your friends and relation ers
good luck
note.. during the making of the game only use those colours which are on both sides- on circle and on betting area
and you can use numbers of your own imagination

this is only a link to my imagination so good luck…

1. money is distributed among all the players (2,3…)where players get small amount like 10,000 and other else money is given to game.(if you r playing with the game)

2. now every player gets a toy horse and game begins as each player place a bet on any number or colour on right side of the game and place his horse over the desired choice.
FOR EXAMPLE – u place 500 on the red colour and u will place the horse on red colour (on right side of game).

3. now one host player who owns the game will roll the marble (as shown in the video at the end)

4. if the marble stops at the desired colour or the number on which u placed bet your money will be doubled also if all players placed on a common number or colour all players will get the double of their amount of bet.(if playing with the game)
and if marble stops at some other colour or number all will loose
their bet and become poor.
SPECIAL CASE suppose one plyr placed bet over 1 and other plyr placed bet on green colour
also 1 and green colour are on the same block so both will get doubled money

now if you are playing with each other and with not the game
so money is distributed among the players equally

1 now all players place bet as usual but now the player who wins will get their bet(loosed players) and not the doubled money.

also you can players challenges with each other
so be creative this game can be played in various ways that i cant tell in the description

major rule of the game
the colours have much probability so it can double money easily
so because of it u cant place bet more than 1500 on the colours

therefore the numbers have lesser probability and require to put atleast 20,000 of money

thus lesser the probability more is the bet amount
otherwise its your wish to play in your own way

if you red all the steps u must have liked the game
so plz give a like to motivate me for more game
because i love to make games
thanx for watching and reading:)

good luck and plz plz plz subscribe for more


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  1. if you want to learn how to play
    check the description box : )
    & also don,t forget to watch its new version 10 times better video.
    link :

  2. Why is the use of the square box. Because we are betting on numbers on right and colours on bottom.
    Plz reply fast

  3. Not BEING ABLE to understand the HANDWRITING……THIS should have been explained by speaking what this Person is doing which would help me at least to Understand the PROJECT……According to me it is not a MUST WATCH VIDEO…..😶🤢🤮 I DID NOT LIKE IT……VVVVEEEEERRRRYYYY PPPPOOOO OOOOOORRR.

  4. What is the use of that
    all and only
    plz explain the use of what u have written on that blue sheet on right side..


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