Weekender: New Halo 15mm Miniatures Game Interview & Flames Of War Heads To The Pacific


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Welcome to The Weekender where we’ve been chatting to some more guests including Neil Fawcett of Spartan Games to talk Halo and Alessio of River Horse on The Hunt For Red October Board Game…

Competition Time

We’re kicking things off however with a competition prize from Battlefront where you could be the lucky winner to snap up all SIX of their Premium Property buildings which would be great for the likes of Flames of War and of course Gale Force Nine’s game, Tanks.

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So, what’s been on the website this week?

– Dropfleet Commander Ships – We take a look at some PHR and Shaltari ships from Hawk Wargames.
– AdeptiCon Next Week – AdeptiCon kicks off next week so Dawn & Gianna will be running a live blog!

Halo: Ground Command Interview

We get stuck into an interview with Neil Fawcett from Spartan Games to talk about Halo: Ground Command, the new Halo Miniatures Game!

This is their land based, 15mm (1:100th) scale game where you get to use all of the vehicles and infantry from the Halo-verse for both the UNSC and the Covenant.

John Chats Flames Of War

John joins us today to talk about his journey into the world of Flames of War with some more books added to his library.

Find out what he thinks of the books and the information that can be gleaned from them. The Pacific Theatre is calling for you World War II fans.

Alessio Talks The Hunt For Red October

Alessio Cavatore also joined us for another interview to talk about The Hunt For Red October which is their new board game coming soon.

We delve into how it’s going to work and what you can expect when it hits the tabletop from River Horse.

The World Of Twilight

Last but not least we look at The World Of Twilight and their newest Kickstarter which looks at the Casanii of Anyaral.

This is a quirky looking game packed with all manner of interesting sculpts and a world just begging to be explored.

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. Whatever happened to this? Since Halo 2 I thought that the Halo universe has been perfectly suited to balanced, exciting, and accessible tabletop gaming. Granted, I am ignorant of the current news of this, but I feel as though if this has been held up pr even cancelled it probably has to do with legal bullshit.

  2. Hmmm, at 15mm I think that the Grunt and Marines and even Elites would scale quite well to 40k Space Marines at 28mm, since they are obviously not to their true scale in the lore. I'm developing a devious plan as we speak.

    Must admit I think the Grunts work perfectly at 15mm because you can emphasise the different in stature between them and the Elites, whereas at 28mm Grunt would just seem too big and Elites and Spartans would need to be much larger models.

  3. That Halo game looks amazing…. That terrain is sick as well. Would love to win that. Keep up the good work BoW

  4. Do i comment here? Is it too late? Who cares, anyway I think i will fall in love with the halo game. I like 15mm miniatures.

  5. Huh, I wasn't sure about 15mm for Halo at first, but the models look really nice and I think the artwork helps to sell the idea of larger ground battles in Halo than you might be typically used to from the video games.

    Love that you guys touched on the World of Twilight kickstarter at the end, there, too. What a great range of minis – I have some, but will have to get in on this as well.

    Don't play 15mm WWII, but I do have 15mm Quar armies, and several of those terrain pieces would look pretty cool for them, I think.

  6. I don't get it, why would you not make the halo units 28mm, you close yourself off to a market demographic of those wishing to use these as proxies, or conversion work. It is finding the niche group with in the niche group. Just an opinion, still going to get me some of these, as I'm part of this niche group of gamers that like this scale as well.

  7. I managed (barely and, to be honest, only so far – it may change!) to resist the Halo Space combat game, but i'll be all over this ground combat game like a rash!

    Hunt for Red October looks interesting as well, will probably dive in on the KS for that too.

  8. If I win the Battlefield in a box stuff I will have to add another game to my preposterously large repertoire…sob.

  9. One thing I need to know about Halo, can you capture vehicles like in the game and have things like a Spartan on a ghost or a scorpion in the Covenant?


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