First, meet up with Jordi down by an ice cream truck. Looks like you get to try out some new explosives while taking care of Jordi’s dirty work. Plant a bomb on the truck, then step back and use your phone to detonate it. BOOM! Cool, now let’s go use them on some drug dealers. Run past the now burning truck and follow the train tracks to a big brick building. Head inside to find an Audio Log and a computer to watch the security footage on.

With information on where the drug dealers typically set up, head out into the building and set your bombs. Find skid marks in the dirt, and put a bomb down right where the car will stop, then go to the other end and put one there for a second car. Put a third by the table in the middle of the room, then climb up to the second floor and hide.

Once the timer runs out, the dealers will start coming. Wait until the cars are over the bombs, then watch the fireworks. You’ll have to clear the area of the rest of the dealers, but if you stay up on the second floor, it’s really more of a shooting gallery. Once all of the thugs are dead, a phone will start ringing. Hack it to tell Bedbug his friends are dead. Now you will need to chase after the viceroy. Hop into a car and go after him. Take out his car in whatever means is available. The car will go over a steam vent pretty early in his escape, if you have that option unlocked. Make sure the viceroy is dead, then it’s off to meet up with Bedbug.

Drive downtown, and get close to where it says Bedbug is. Do NOT go charging in, as you cannot get noticed by him. Follow Bedbug as he makes his way towards the statues. When ready, call Bedbug. He’ll hang up on you, so hack a terminal by Bedbug to start broadcasting his confessions. He’ll eventually freak out and a cutscene will start playing. Done!


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