Wario & Waluigi for New Super Mario Bros. Wii over Blue/Yellow Toad Release


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It’s been a long time I have this project on my hands but there a long story why I didn’t released it. But now here is it, as a 90% complete.

Wario & Waluigi over Toads is a mod for replacing the Blue and Yellow Toads so you can play with Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi all together.

There no code or anything else, just file remplacement. Waluigi is over the Blue Toad and Wario over the Yellow Toad.

I wanted to make a custom voice for both but I wasn’t able to do this cause multiples reasons.

I also included some files for the HUD and some others things (Midle Flag, etc…) and the models for the cutscenes.

This mod was supposed to be released a long time ago but the release date was moved to add more stuff and also include more quality on this. The model/texture on Wario and Waluigi is very low, that caused by the file size limit.

I also wanted to make this mod compatible with Newer Super Mario Bros., that why it wasn’t released. It’s compatible but I wanted to add more stuff like the power up from this mod.

I’ve also lost the motivation a lot of times and just after my first computer died and I’ve lost all files. I was able to take all files from the hard disk recently and backup them.

But now it’s here, it’s not perfect, it’s not clean or even polished. It may need more times but I’m not the man who will be able to do that. If someone want to make a update, or use into a project go ahead but don’t forget to credit.


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  1. Can you please leave instructions or make a video on how to download this mod and how to put it into the wii so you can play as wario and waluigi? Please leave instructions because I am a big big fan of Wario and Waluigi and I would love to play as them in Nsmbw.

  2. Nintendo could have so made this work, all they had to do was just come up with a clever reason for the four of them to team up, and Nintendo isn’t incompetent, they full well could have come up with a reason.

  3. Wario and Waluigi wouldn’t’t be included due to being sick.

    Hear how they have a toad in their throats?

  4. can someone please help me / or write a guide on how to play the mods on the Wii

    do I have to convert the .arc file to iso?

  5. oh my god the mario bros/wario bros renders are from scratch.mit.edu but i don't blame you for using them they look cool

  6. Not even just Waluigi, I personally think that both of them deserve more credit. This should have at least been a DLC or something! Sadly we'll never see them outside of the sports and party games. Kinda sucks.


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