Unboxing of a Laura SOHO Premier Chair In Burgundy Italian Leather


This video is an unboxing and initial impression review of a Laura SOHO Premier office chair in Burgundy. I ordered two for my home office in my new house. After making this video I emailed the retailer and was told that the SOHO Premier chairs all have the flat plastic raise/lower handle. The pictures with the round metal bar are the non-premier chairs. The rep went on to state that the SOHO Premier chairs are the true Eames replicas, so they’re modeled exactly after the original Herman Miller – down to the flat plastic raise/lower handle. Unfortunately they aren’t interchangeable. I hope this helps anyone with any confusion over what they are getting for their money.

The link the the chair direct is here:

Or you can find it on amazon here. Note this link is to the leatherette version which is offered at a very compelling price point (and I think has a better looking handle for the height adjustment):

Nguồn: https://ecotown-phumy.com/

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  1. The Henry Miller version in Italian leather goes for $2300, this is about $400 with 10% off. That said it’s a good quality knock off.

  2. Just ordered the tall back soft pad chair. I noticed while browsing the chairs on their website that only the cloth and leatherette models had the chrome knob. Let me know if you hear anything back from them as I may inquire if they’re offing an upgrade, fingered crossed. Nice chair and color though, I went with dark brown.

  3. Great Video and thanks for showing the discrepancy on the hydrolic arm. How do you like the chair after one month of use? Is it comfortable and durable?


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