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Hey guys, Proto here and today, I’ll be going over what a Ramdisk (RAM Disk) is and why you definitely need one. Overall as said in the video this is insanely fast, especially compared to an SSD. I’ll be going over the Pros, Cons and also how to set it up for free. You’ll also get tips along the way and how to set it up within shadowplay!

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  1. you should be looking at server hardware to ensure enough ram for system and programs.

    have a drive backed disc image and a boot system that can create a ramdrive and mount your image. use additional drives for basic persistant storage and backup you can update the disk image at shutdown or at any point you like.

    if you want a non persistant install you just never save the updated disk image

  2. i have 64gb of ram whats the best amount to allocate and what should i put on it? lets say i make a 48gb drive would i use it for game installs or OS install? i have 250gb raid0 ssd rn as my OS and i have all my games installed on a 256gb ssd what would you change and configure to make my setup more optimal? thanks.

  3. I have A 2 gig ram drive as A temp drive for windows 10 & it will save it as an iso image every 120 min to the hard drive as a backup

  4. i cant download it anymore for my mob msi z270 a pro, its been removed from the site and the live update. you know why?

  5. Your accent plus music makes me not understand anything you enounce. Replay the video with captions. Just a friendly tip to turn down the volume.

  6. MSI ramdisk came with my new motherboard, seems great. I use my pc for various challenging tasks like testing of applications, image processing, rendering and so on. But never at the same time. I find different people using ramdisk for different reasons, and it seems like the gayne are considerable for all of them.
    I'm looking for an overview of any kind that shows what kind of temperate and shadow task in Windows can be referred to ramdisk. For example, in the username / appdata folder, the cache file is for most applications. It appears that the programs that get the cache folder "moved" to the RAMdisk are noticeably more responsive, and resources are also released for the rest of the system.
    Does anyone have any experience with this?
    Has anyone tried to have two ramdisk img. for different tasks, such as photoshop and games, and switch between them as needed?
    (do I make any sense?)…

  7. Can we use Server ram to use it for This Disk Ram, and is there any software that can allow server ram to work with the PC


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