Twitch Stream: Mild Escape (Part 1)


Games shown in this video:

The Storage Shed Escape

Mild Escape (the original)

Escape From the Kid’s Room

Escape From the Same Room (started, couldn’t get anywhere)

Escape From the Hexagonal Room

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  1. No, you definitely had it with the ice on the bed. It'll melt, and then you get yelled at for peeing in the bed, then you throw the breakfast at the person yelling at you and run out.

  2. lmfao at the screwdriver with battery that is so wtf ass game shit yoshi island 2 crap

    thank you so much for this game play i am glad that you have a guide book for this

  3. 1st flash escape game best game in the fucking world i cant stop laughing and once i accidentally cracked a code like you did with the opening and closing cabinets i didnt even do an entire step

  4. i did some of those escape games before or tried to but one was to scary and another one i thought was scary but wasnt my aunt was able to beat it i couldnt it just glitched out i knew how to win though

  5. If you liked Myst, you really should play it's sequel, Riven. It's harder, but so much better. The atmosphere is excellent! And unlike Myst there are semblances of logic 😉

  6. The revenge of the curse of the son of the Escape the Room games.

    But seriously, I loved this one and I hope for more Escape madness. Maybe a "quick" one-a-week video deal? As something that can act as filler when you're between projects (or not in the mood to record other stuff)?

  7. Please do make this a series, just listening to you all react to these is amazing​ on its own, and then we get moments like Batteries in Screwdrivers and making lenses out of ice blocks which just make it all the​ better.


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