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A beginning to end playthrough of Electronic Art’s 1994 3DO game, Twisted: The Game Show.

A real novelty piece when it came out, Twisted provided a wholly original take on the game show genre by giving a tongue-in-cheek middle finger to the slew of Wheel of Fortune ports that appeared on every system known to man. Using an enormous amount of video, Twisted’s insane sense of humor challenges players to be the first to ascend the 90 story tall “Palindrome,” a DNA shaped staircase that paves the way toward the grand prize – a trip to reality!

Challenges, bonuses, and penalties are littered across the play field, and the minigames, though repetitive, are pretty amusing for a couple of playthroughs. Just don’t bother playing this one-player. It was meant to be a party game, and requires at least two people to have any fun with whatsoever.

A neat game overall. If you like game show adaptations but get tired of the same stuff over and over, this is an excellent way to spend an hour.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. I had this game and I swear NONE of my friends and family knew how to react seeing a video of this caliber back in the days. I had won $1,500 right before christmas and bought a 3D0 with like 14 games when i was 16. I lived the life during those days for sure

  2. Clarify if you will who you were? Johnny or Howard?
    On another note Howard doing the cross and cutting off the tv

  3. 15:24 – So, you're the kind of person who couldn't finish Myst because they somehow can't hear the distinction between sounds (and in the case of Myst, pitch)… I've never understood that.

  4. Anyone know the artist that did the End Credits Music? Maybe Ed Borgas (Fritz the Cat, etc)? If you can help me out, I'll put some credit in your Karma bank… As Uncle Fez would say "Give mez a chance. What do you say."

  5. I just bought a 3do with a twisted game just to remember the good old days….I wonder where are the characters now!


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