Transistor The Complete Story


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  1. i played this game and the story is cool but its so god damn boring once you lose 2 of your main weapons because of a glitch or forgetting to changed the weapons it turns into a grind

  2. uh, hey, i know this is 2 years old, but i would like to stress that grant kendrell is NOT asher kendrell's brother. they are, in fact, lovers, and i'm dying of laughter right now.

  3. A minor inconsistency towards the end – I don't think they actually made it clear that she was her lover and that she killed herself because she couldn't live without him. I'm pretty sure that they really started getting close during the events of the game (the popular theory is that beforehand the man was simply Red's bodyguard), and she fell in love with him over the course of said events. Ultimately, she chose to join him inside the Transistor not because she's a lovestruck puppy who just can't go on without her man, but because everyone and everything she cared about was in there. The "real world" was just an empty shell of its former self, waiting to be reshaped by the owner of the Transistor, which is a responsibility that Red never quite wanted.

  4. So basically the sword was a data storage/key tool rather than a transistor? Surely the game should have been called Flash Drive?

    Lovely artwork & a great video.

  5. This video is actually better than the game. You must've done research outside of the game to gather all the information for this video. The so called "story" is nothing more than lazy developers not being able to come up with a concrete story with a beginning, middle, and end. Its just a vain attempt to fabricate depth and hidden meaning. They just throw you some breadcrumbs and let you follow the trail off a cliff to nowhere. Art and philosophy majors might eat those breadcrumbs but for the rest of us: if you are going to have a story in your game tell the fucking story. I kept looking for a deep and meaningful story as I played this and by the time I beat it I just felt like I spent 8 hours pressing buttons on a controller. I couldnt be happier deleting it from my PS4.

  6. Really like how you narrated the story the tone of your voice really set it for me. I like when you sound more calm rather then more pumped up, I think if you pick the right videos and set the right tone you'll pull in more people. I can see you doing kingdom hearts in that calm serious tone you did here. Anyways best of look. I look forward to many more great videos!

  7. Looking around on steam, hmm, Transistor, sounds interesting. Buys it. My computer can't run it. And now you just made me want to play it more. Why computer, why!

  8. I loved this game!
    I played this game three times and each time I played you find new tidbits, details, about the world and its inhabitants.
    This game is relatively short, it doesn't have any fancy animations, but this game is FANTASTIC.
    There is no easy, medium, or hard, instead there are limiters ways to make your game as difficult as you want it to be, the gameplay is very unique and evolves as you play. The art work is well done, the voice acting could be better, but while the camera is almost always in the same angle the style and atmosphere just expands out from your TV or monitor and just seems to envelope you into the game. But for me the best part is the story, not much to say on this point because it was the point of the video above….
    But I loved.

    PS Could you do Dragon Age.

  9. I actually finished this game, too, a couple weeks ago and since I played it in sporadic sessions, I wasn't able to really understand the story so much. But after watching this, it all makes sense! Thank you so much. 🙂


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