Transistor – Movie Edition HD (PC 1080p)


Transistor full game movie: cutscenes and gameplay from Supergiant Games’ 2014 game edited together for a cinematic experience.

I’ve included all cutscenes and most of the in-game dialogue related to the main narrative in order to preserve as much of the story and character moments as possible. Gameplay segments were edited in to improve flow and pacing and also wherever it was necessary to give context to the narrative.

Story synopsis:
Red, a singer in the virtual city of Cloudbank, finds herself under attack by a mysterious force called the Process after a night that has left her without a voice and in the possession of a powerful weapon: the Transistor. Aided by the disembodied consciousness of a man from her past stored inside the Transistor, Red battles the Process across Cloudbank as she seeks to confront the people who stole her voice and to discover a way to stop the Process before it consumes all of Cloudbank.

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  1. I’m really impressed about the games story it’s really nice not different plots just focusing on the story it’s really good so much

  2. wow after watching this movie edition, watch everything all together, now i only realise those white blocks at 1:19:11 might be all citizen that got processed (sice the last reporter said they stood shoulder to shoulder to face this final moment) 😱😱😱

  3. Makes no sense. Why she killed herself and get trapped in the transistor when she can recover him and rebuild the city together?

  4. Holy fuck. Did not see that ending coming. I guess I didn't pick up on just how close those two were since Red was mute…

  5. Oh my.. What a strong story.. I almost drop my tear at the ending.. I didn't play the game yet, but I love the storyline. Really feeling like a watching a real movie. Thanks for the upload <3

  6. It's half past midnight on my birthday and I just finished this game, so as my first act of being 21, I shall cry (a lot) over a video game. This is gonna be a good year 🙂

  7. finished this game twice now (even better the second time around) and both times i did it in around eight hours what is the usual time people finish the game? i feel like i was moving pretty slow (exploring and stuff instead of progressing)

  8. I…
    Love this game so much. 
    The story, the voice acting, the art, by god the art… and do not get me started on the music. 
    This game is a masterpiece. 
    This game, is a masterpiece.

  9. Feel like they should have given some kind of choice about your death at the end ;(
    Maybe having some other choices in the game that influence it or just a general choice at the end.

  10. "…Including transfer of ownership of data the Camerata believed to be theirs."

    I love how callous these reports are.  No, wait, the other thing.

  11. Man, I love this. Sometimes I find certain games really really cool and want to experience them but can't be bothered investing the time to play through them. 

  12. does anyone know the jazzy sounding music, when you're having a dialogue with royce just before you put the transistor back in the transistor

  13. Nice! You should really use Jaunt to move around in planning mode, though… it has a much lower action cost than walking 😉

  14. Just beat the game last week but I just had to experience the story again. When she says "hey" at the end it melts my heart. So many conflicting feelings with the end and it was amazing <3

  15. Thank you so much!  I just beat the game myself and I love the OST but it's nice to be able to hear Mr Nobody's voice.  You kind of get used to hearing him while you play and he's got a really great voice.  Awesome work~!

  16. Thank you, I bought the game's OST which costed more than the game right now since Steam has it on sale…but I really wanted to hear the story too 🙂


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