The Legendary Starfy Playthrough Part 1


To wrap up the Starfy series, we take a look at the series’ fifth installment: The Legendary Starfy. This Playthrough will go for 100%, but like always, I will not be collecting Pearls to buy things in the videos. Instead, I’ll be showing off the things that you can buy on my 100%-complete file.

In this part, we complete Gluglug Lagoon.

These are the stages shown in this part:

1-1: In Deep Trouble: This very easy stage introduces you to the controls of Starfy. As Starfy accidentally woke up Big Squiddy, he’ll follow you at times throughout this world. I don’t think I have to explain the treasure locations as they’re quite easy to find. Also, this is the only Starfy game that doesn’t have you meeting Old Man Lobber in the beginning.

1-2: Star Spin: This stage has you using your Star Spin to progress through the stage. First, you must free Herman’s Coddies from the Goblup that has eaten them. The rest of this stage is quite easy. Globerto is also met here. The side-quest of this stage has you finding the five Red Pearls (from Densetsu no Stafy 4) for Herman. For helping him out, you’ll gain access to 1-5: Secret 1.

1-5: Secret 1: This very simple stage has you pushing green spheres out of the way and collecting goodies.

1-3: Mysterious Powers: First time going through this stage, you’ll encounter Big Squiddy, who you must fight. With Bunston’s new power, the Monstar, he’s an absolute joke. The rest of this stage has you getting away from Big Squiddy and finding some treasures. This stage’s side-quest has you racing Fork to the goal. After beating him, you’ll be allowed to go to 1-6: Secret 2.

1-6: Secret 2: This short stage mainly has you getting away from Big Squiddy. There is only one treasure here.

1-4: Big Squiddy Brawl: I can’t say much about this stage. There is a section where you use Monstar, and you do meet Starly here, who can help Starfy out, but only in co-op. The boss of this area, as you’d expect is Big Squiddy, who is still ridiculous. Just simply hit his tentacles while avoiding his attacks. The side-quest here has you wrestling against Kit Fish’s father, Fat Cat. Just keep Star Spinning him to knock him over to his flag. Defeating Fat Cat allows you to go to 1-7: Secret 3.

1-7: Secret 3: This short stage has you using the Monstar ability and battling a few other enemies to reach the end. A Heart Gem can be obtained here. If three are collected, an extra heart will be added to Starfy’s health meter.

We also take a look at the Mini Games “Coin Slinger” and “Dumpling Master”.


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  1. i had this game for years but one day mabey 2 years ago my brother took my game out of my ds and played it and they lost it and when i see this type of game it make me cry

  2. the nostalgia hits so hard..its not even funny..i remember I couldn't beat the final boss bcz the button mashe thing..and my brother used to ask me do i need help..and i always used to say NO and my ds broke..and now I wanna play this game again sooo bad…

  3. omg I had always had memories of this star and I always thought it was just me making up stuff. But it was too vividly descriptive and I know my 9 year old self could not just randomly think of characters like this. Unfortunately I had lost the game and was never able to find it thus why I always remembered playing it 🙁 I planned on buying it again from amazon but it’s worth $75 plus shipping :/ oh well maybe one day it’ll reappear somewhere

  4. Man this is some nostalgia, I ought this game was a dream my 7 year old me came up with but apparently not. I'm so happy it isn't because i remember loving this game to death. I had to look it up alot but i found it, i forgot its name for awhile…so it took longer to find


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