The Game's Manager Calls Maino out for 1v1 Fight because He's 'Playing Both Sides'. Maino Accepts!



DJ Akademiks Speaks on The Game’s Manager Calling Maino out for 1v1 Fight because He’s ‘Playing Both Sides’. Maino Accepts!
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  1. Why is niggas recording convos all the time to me that’s snitching because what is your plans with that? Smh

  2. I wish somebody shut mack 100 the fuck up he always talking about rapper shit. Nigga just be a fucking manager.

  3. Maino right tho them bk nikkas was on some hoe shit for letting west coast nikka diss a east coast nikka and shoot da video in they hood

  4. Is it just me….or is Wack 💯 starting to remind me of another celebrity who was beefin wit different niggaz every other week cough cough Soulja boy

  5. wack 100 wants attention like a woman. Dudes full of gossip. Real g's don't talk on insta. wtf? This is all for show and they gonna talk it out and hug.

  6. I hope slay squash this shit , this shit could go left because I see that both men are men of action I mean one socked out a sucker kid who really wasn't a solid dude from the start…but it was on video so that shows action.. and BK is named Doe or Die for a reason….yo stop doing the KKKlan favors…them folks will laugh if this goes left because we should be showing power in numbers by unifying… but hey I'm just watching Academiks like y'all…#BlackonBlackisWACK…the #PowerofBlackmakesaImpact peace

  7. sooooo.. this video came out in 2016. did they fight? if not then dude a bitch. He the one that took to social media and called out Maino with the hashtag "no excuses".

  8. go on and knock that weak wanna b ass nigga out.. he will b legendary! Won't even have to rap or work again


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