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  1. This fucking help in internal conflict resolution is a generalized case of what Cousin T Taw mentioned as a game to inject ideas into good girls that her parents and society values are bullshit and make her think that rejection of these values is her own idea, lol. This whole "labyrinth" game setup where womanizer is a prompter, a navigator. Psychotherapists use similar methodology, but it actually comes from the methods of spiritual masters and their ways to lead students to the enlightenment, but here you lead a woman to your dick. But Cousin T Taw uses it for another purpose and with another goal, lol.

  2. "I am married. -Happily?" is a VERY GOOD illustration of a players mindset. Ruthless player interpret it not as a rejection, but as a "leakage" of an internal conflict within a woman, because player assumes her desire for him as an axiom, and interprets "I am married" accordingly, as if woman wants to fuck this particular player, but is afraid to sacrifice marriage. Non-Player would not even think to ask "happily?". Mouthpiece arises from the mindset. Gamesman or PUA artist don't have female desire for him as an axiom, that why gamesman would perceive "I am married" as an isolated shittest, he won't assume any internal conflict within a woman. To a hardcore player "I have a boyfriend/husband" is not an information that woman tells him, nor it is a shittest, for player its nothing but a mantra she tells herself to prevent her pussy from further wetness. Just with this ONE question, player sets up the play field in such a way as if he is a prompter who helps this woman to get through a labyrinth of circumstances to his dick, and woman MUST try hard to seduce him in order to get a next hint. Non-player, on the other hand, sets up the play field in such way as if he is in a labyrinth, and a woman is his prompter.

  3. From my view if you have a bad chick dont trust any man around your chick even family members or so called friends. I dont even have niggas at my house at all.

  4. My female professor at University is married and always flaunting herself when I'm around. I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions?

  5. I’ve been on both sides of the game and “ruthless”is an understatement. It’s like this…Fellas, she is never fully yours, she’s just yours to rent. So when you get her, make sure you turn that hour glass over ⏳

  6. Man its not just DC. That is on many colleges in America . Many cities in America. Some guys see it as a challenge. Some just want the woman. Some seduce no even know the woman has a man .

    I seen the women do it as well . Its a rough game out there . Very rough and brutal .

  7. In 2019 this may be a lame statement Rom, but what about brotherhood? So if we are each other's brothers and we suppose to be each other's keeper then if a brother has a wife, a fiancee or a girl then isnt she off limits? Why can't I let my brother have that? I mean for real. To that one woman, there are 10 to 20 other single women to go after, right or nah? Rom, I learned the hard way that every brother ain't your brother concerning pussy and conquering that select women. Being honorable is like super corny now, but being righteous never goes out of style. Men nowadays would rather soil their reputation and name just for some pussy and the feeling of that nut which is fleeting and only in the moment but the stain of that fucked up deed is on you forever. That's why in the good book says "be in the world and not have it". Brothers are fucking up marriages, relationships and friendships just over carnal, bodily pleasures. Like how pathetic most men are! Your right, it's a jungle out here! Sorry for the long rant bruh! Stay blessed good brother Rom

  8. The game been ruthless, full of savages. Its niggas out here smashing other niggas wives, smashing they own homeboy girlfriend. I know a nigga that smashed his homeboy sister without him even knowing. Thats f'd up! Bruh I've seen wives and girlfriends give niggas play in the club. If you young reading this, don't you ever trust a mf in your life, if you do you will set your self up for failure.


  10. Game is ruthless. With that being said what's the point of marriage. I mean why do it it doesn't make sense? The female species is always going to be hypergamous . So why do it why play the game?
    I don't want to end up paying for the child is not mine or losing Health my assets due to my ego.

  11. This is why you cant have no heart in this game. While youre about knock your own socks off. She's already is married to another guy that she had in her orbit as just a "friend"

  12. I've had opportunities, but I don't think there is a woman fine enough to help her cheat on her man. Too much pussy out here. I'm probably far too empathetic for the game. Just defensive game for me.

  13. If a woman catches her man cheating & she stays that either means she's have cheated during their relationship-is doing some cheating & having got caught yet-or is forgiving her man now so when she pulls some slick shit in the future she can turn around & say"i forgave u when u cheated & now u should forgive me" ..

  14. The whole description of how some players are patient reminds me of how some predators stalk their prey. How they can wait and wait and sneak up on they prey and then finally attack. I see how this can be applied just from my workplace. There's this chick that always complains about her boyfriend. I be thinking how the right dude could take advantage. On the flip side.. with the game being ruthless I guess the moral is to never become to attached to a woman.. and always be ready to let her go and let her know she cab always be the end of the day she gone do what she wants and fuck who she wants

  15. I've ran the slick and patient, get her talking about her man game like a broken record! This works! #datingcoachgame

  16. Serious talk as well as game fam! There's no if ands or buts about it when it comes to this game, it's definitely cold and ruthless. I've heard multiple stories on this matter, some them wasn't so good either but it is what it is! Yeah, I can vouch to this shit here fam all day, I'll tell you a couple of stories from other cats who were married, some weren't and still dealt with other women including wives too. Some of these men would tell me stories about how other men would bragging about how they're wives won't do this or that in front of certain men, those same men who this married brother was bragging in front of, half if them had already had his side on the floor screwing her brains out! That's why the guy who was married, now he's divorced said to me that's why I'll never hear him say what his wife won't do because he doesn't know. I've had this other guy tell me that he had several married women bent over screwing their brains out, he was the one who told me that he would tell his women all the time, that vagina between your legs is yours and you're going to give it up to whoever you want to at any given moment, that's what he told me he would tell these women to their face! So when it comes to this game, you have to understand how shit really go and can, just be open minded about the situation and don't too much of your feelings get involved with these women, especially if you got a really good looking women who have men hit on her all the time and you know it personally yourself, just know and tell yourself that another man can get between my women's legs when I'm not around at any given moment! See that's why these women aren't worth fighting or killing for, now unless your woman is with you and a man be on some disrespectful shit in front your and try to approach her while you're there, that's different, then you'll stand up for yours then. I'm a tell you what recently happened to me, it's this woman who's in her sixties, she doesn't look it all, she definitely had a shape on her for her age, she really took care of herself and you can tell that she was bad as fuck back in her days! Make a long story short, she had my number and I have hers, she's also married to a police officer, I didn't know she was married at first until she told me but she told me I can still car her. She happened to call me talking about getting together and setting something up and she'll call me this week to do so! Now I've talked to a couple of people about this situation because I didn't feel comfortable because she's quite much older than me and she's married, I'm only 38 but you do have women that old getting younger men if they still look good and kept themselves up, she's capable of getting a younger man, hands down! The couple of guys I talked to told me to leave her alone because she's still married, now if they were seperated then that would be different and plus I don't want to get myself into no drama, also her husband is a officer too, you know how they can be, I'm looking at the big picture fam. Go back to whay we were talking about, when it comes to shit like this, some men don't have any conscious nor heart and that's whay makes the game cold and ruthless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I said it once & I will say it again! The game is cold but fair!! Pookie and ray ray!! Get dealt with sufficiently!! Gvb.. chi_ towns own!!!

  18. You essentially will have to be on some Machiavelli level pimp game in order to succeed out here because of how raw it is.

  19. If you are in this game and think she is all yours – you've already lost. They all belong to the game, they do not belong to you. Once you understand that you will thrive in the game. You cannot hold on to something that never belonged to you in the first place. Just like this very earth, you get the resources you need and cultivate what you can out of them but they do not belong to you. Never did and never will.

  20. DC the capital of bougie, and ain't no rules to the game. I'm from Northern Virginia, moved to Houston some chicks out here think they're bougie…not even close.


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