The Flintstones: Bedrock Racing (PS2 Gameplay)


The Flintstones: Bedrock Racing (PS2) – Character: Fred Flintstone – Race: Rockenheim

It’s fast-paced fun all the way in this wild racing game based on Hanna-Barbera’s classic cartoon comedy. Fred and Barney must compete to discover who’s got the fastest family in Bedrock and they’ve invited you along for the ride!
It has 8 famous racers to play as your favourite Flintstones character, each with their own unique vehicle, 12 unique tracks to explore all of Bedrock in search of precious Dino Eggs you’ve got to find ’em all to win, and you can challenge your mates which you can plug in a second controller and race head-to-head against a friend.


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  1. Oh yeah, Dino is DEFINITELY sleeping outside with the saber tooth cat after that. Nobody tries to upstage Jake Steel and gets away with it!

  2. How come this cool PlayStation 2 game was never released in North America? The Flintstones is an American creation, so I'm just wondering. Oh well, nice gameplay video!

  3. The only positives in this game is some of the music (especially the menu music, well for me anyways), the unique steak item, the unique way to unlock characters and the selection of characters

    Other then that: the game's still shit

  4. You can hear the sound of an engine from Fred's car yet there is no engine. just foot power -_- Even Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas got that right!

  5. Grand Dad Racing!

    Grand Dad
    Grand Ma
    Grand Son
    Grand Daughter
    Grand Aunt
    Grand Baby
    Grand Pet
    Grand Mom
    Grand Brother
    Grand Cousin
    Grand Friend

  6. Whenever I see "Blast" as the publisher, I know it's a horrible game. The "Mr Bean Animated Series" game, the "Johnny Bravo Date-o-rama" game and this one are so bad it doesn't even look fun in a gameplay video…

  7. This is equivalent to today's free to play games on iOS (minus the IAP). The title screen itself shows the level of care that went into this game: the font for Bedrock racing does not fill the empty void of space that most games normally do, the song is just audio ripped straight from a potato recording, and don't get me started on the rest of the game. I never played this, but watching this video just convinced me to never, ever pay this bargain bin title. The video in itself is almost like a review.

  8. I must in defence say that Blast have made some good budget level games. The Wacky Races games are entertaining ones for a budget price so they have made some quality based on the price level. Still they are not a great studio.


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