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Can you and your friends spot the imposter among you? In this episode of Game the Game Becca is joined by Vince Caso, Erika Fermina, Paula Deming and Katie Michels to play The Chameleon from Big Potato Games! Each player knows the secret word except the lone Chameleon desperately trying to fit in. Can the other players unmask The Chameleon before it’s too late?

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Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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  1. "Eyes but make it singular." Okay so "i" technically works because "children" is the only clue on that card with a lowercase "i". Still that is a stretch.

  2. chameleon is a good game, but what are the chances of rolling the same dice 2 in a row? 1/48. it's not that many. like the 1 and 2 they rolled 4/4 and 4/5 imma overrule the cheat card and make some new cheat card.

  3. Paula got so excited about the Black Eyed Kids reference Erika brought up. I love when Erika is on and Paula is always lovely. Great play through.

  4. I love how Paula and Vince connect their minds like 10 seconds into the show and then never become chameleon. (I guess Vince jinxed them with "We're both the chameleon!")

  5. I thought for "eyes" Becca mightve meant children have the same eyes as their parents…but that's a real stretch. Then when she said "make it singular" I thought she was going for "I" as in "I was a child". In reality, she just fucked up 😂

  6. Phobia and children! Guys…… CORN! Because children of the cornfield!!!!!!!!! Ugh that would have been great

  7. if someone had photographic memory they would win this game every time regardless since they would always know the topic

  8. Becca , seven dwarves is also an eldraine card and you can have up to 7 in your deck!!!!! Also glass casket

  9. I was thinking soreness for Lacrosse was really good because I've seen people use Lacrosse balls specifically for trigger point massage… I would have been fooled

  10. Hey Paula, don't Black Eyed Kids feature on an episode of your excellent podcast, Death By Monsters, available wherever you get your podcasts?

  11. After I watched this video I instantly bought the game online. Going to be really fun playing this with friends and loved ones.

  12. This seems double skewed against the chameleon since they seemingly have to memorise the entire topic board each time. It'd be better if each player had their own copy of that, I think..

  13. Vince will forever be Greg in my eyes from Vampire masquerade I see him as the tough guy, he is too happy and energetic here

  14. They linked Eagles to Native Americans, but not Lacrosse, a sport invented (or at least the early concept of it) by Native Americans?

  15. To those who have never played or heard of lacrosse, it is a (mainly east coast) sport based on shooting a white rubber ball into a roughly square shaped net. There is 1 goalie, 3 defense, 3 midfielders, and three offense for each team on the the field at any one time. There are usually 2 halves of 4 quarters in a game. The goal is to score as many goals as possible within one hour. Lacrosse is an extremely fun game that really doesn’t get as much love I personally think it should.

  16. We Do Stuff Podcast did an audio version of this a few months ago it was funny, I can’t wait for them to start doing video.

  17. Another video withouzt the link to the howtoplay in the description…

  18. Am I the only one who thought Becca's did make sense even if she had the wrong thing. Children do indeed have eyes 😂


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