THE BOYFRIEND QUIZ! Who should Mari and Stacy date!?


Let the computer overlord choose your mate.

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  1. I've had a cake shake before and I loved it. It was empire biscuits (so not really cake) but they called it a cake shake anyway.

  2. Maaarrrriiii I'm sorry you are sick take time off come on I just want you to be healthy! Thank you for the video and even thou it's after Christmas Happy Holidays!

  3. I worked at Portillo's. I think the cake shake is disgusting, too, but some people loved it. All their other milkshakes are the bomb, though

  4. Oh my god, my dad was telling me about the cake shake when he and my little bro visit family in Illinois!!! My little bro apparently puts away a huge steak dip, and a huge cake shake.

  5. I hope you get better, Mari! I know you are determined to post videos, but I hope you have time to rest and recover. Happy holidays for you both!

  6. Me and Mari literally answered the same thing!!! I even said to myself after they did Stacy's, im probably gonna be similar to Mari, and we were picking the same ones!!! Like none were different!! Its crazy!!! But also like cool

  7. Mari I hope your chicken broth is delicious and stays in your body and that you have the most wonderful sleep while AJ snuggles you and gives you the love you deserve. (like how some animals have a six sense for pain)

  8. i would love to see you guys play some actually well-designed dressup games. Ever considered Rinmaru or dolldivine?

  9. Mari for God's sake. Sleep it off and force the fluids. Please make sure you don't have any pain and your stomach after the food poisoning.

  10. “Portillo’s cake shake would be better with cake batter not an entire piece of cake in it”

    These are FACTS. I felt so betrayed the one time I ordered one…

    Ps: Get well soon, Mari!


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