#supermario #mario #nintendo Hey everyone this is just a bonus Play it Through after watching a recent episode of Mike & Bootsy over on Cinnemassacre seen here I decided to give this rom hack a shot and after a couple of days I was able to get a solid run done with only one death so I figured I would turn it into a bonus video for you all.

If you are interested in the rom hack itself you can find out more about it at this link here

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  1. That princess should actually have been named in the same way Wario (and later Waluluigi) was in this game. Wario was Mario with the M upside down. Waluigi would have been to long to display, so it would be a Luigi with an L upside down, turning the name logically into 'ruigi'. If you'd give Peach the same treatment, the P would have turned upside down. But I'd say that 'beach' is not a very good name for a villainous version of a princess. So instead, the P is turned in a sideways manner, making it a 'q'. 'qeach' is the result. A name that sounds as wrong as this one fits better for the antiheoric princess.

  2. I actually thought before this romhack was a thing that a game called Super Wario Bros. was a perfect idea to make a new Wario Land styled game but with Waluigi included in the adventure.

  3. Holy crap dude are you actively trying to rip off everything from the cinemassacre channel mike and bootsy just played this and swamp thing and here you are ripping it off a couple days later thought you had more class and originality then that dude obviously not tho sense you half to copy what other far more popular channels do to try and stay relevant. Super weak dude

  4. I did think at one point that rom hax like these were a neat idea, but now that Super Mario Maker is a thing, I think a lot of these lose their charm a bit. There are some that are still impressive today, but this one I feel like could have been a level pack in SSM and little would be lost otherwise. Good play through regardless, Mark.

  5. I want to see the other ROM hack as well I will say this for the hacker he did a nice job in the graphics department and I know it may tick some loyalists off by saying this but I think the graphics in this one are superior to the original.


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