some sites do not allow requesting the same file twice Updated 2018


Sometimes I try to download from some sites and then IDM shows “some sites do not allow requesting the same file twice” error message. Now I am showing you how to fix this problem. To solve this problem you need to make sure that you have the latest version of IDM installed on your PC. This problem happens when both browser and IDM made a request to the same file at the same time. For this reason, the websites send a web page to IDM instead of the download. To avoid this situation, we need to apply this tricks what I am going to show. To download the file, at first, open your IDM application and go to Options- Downloads and put a tick mark on the check box of “”Start downloading immediately while displaying” Download File Info” dialog if it is disabled. And then enjoy downloading the file. If it does not work for you, I have another way for you. You need to open your IDM again and follow this path: options-general-keys. After that put a tick mark on the checkbox of “Use the following Key(s) to force downloading with IDM. Four option will be activated, for instance, Alt, Shift, Ctrl, and Ins. You need to put a tick mark on Ins Key because it works for the most of the browsers. Other not work for all browser. When you are going to download a file having this problem, you must press and hold Ins key while clicking on a download button or button. Now you can enjoy your downloading.


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