Slide Quest Review with Sam & Aedan


Sam and Aedan take a look at this new dexterity game from Blue Orange Games!!

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  1. Was more fun for our group to have to go back to the "path of light" without using your hands.
    Really does play like a videogame with the levels. Fun for all ages, especially playing as a four player game.

  2. Cool stuff Sam and Aedan, I'd definitely like to see a segment from you guys in BGB We parents need to fill the void Dan and Cora left.

  3. It's like a suped up way of Stay Alive, The New Aggravation, That old wooden cube Labryinth game, and Screwball Scramble. 🙂

  4. The game has that moniker of The Video Game Boardgame. Why? Is this based on some video game? Other than that I don't see much "videogamey" things here.

  5. Just picked this up on Wednesday & was looking for a good overview to explain it to my non-gamer coworkers; this was great! Lunchtime tomorrow is gonna be loud! Thanks guys!

  6. If the knight leaves the path of light, should you be grabbing him with your hand?? Or should you be using the game mechanism to maneuver him back?

  7. They should of tried making the levels doubled sided, would be mirrored holes, but maybe different path and obstacles? Besides that, id play this as a adult, I like different games. Anyone know others with simallar game mechanics?

  8. What a cool looking game, I need to check it out! And Aedan did a great job on the review, thank you Aedan and Sam! 🙂

  9. Thanks for the review Sam & Aedan!

    When will we see the EXTREME playthrough in a moving car or on top of a washing machine?


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