SCARY BIG WAVES Ocean Kayak Big Game II Prowler Does It SURF?


Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II Surf Test
How well does this kayak performs in the ocean!? It is a ocean kayak ah? Well it did extremely well, I was surprised
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  1. 5 ft in a playboat is great fun
    I’ve tried to paddle out on 2metre or 6ft 8inch ish waves in my playboat, the boat being about 5ft10inches, and it didn’t go to well.
    A lot of uncontrolled flips and a swim later, that was my shortest paddle.
    Although I would try again it being about 2-3 years later and I have a lot more experience

  2. So, I wasn't going to post a comment, but then I thought about it and decided as an ACA sea kayak instructor I ought to say something. First, those waves aren't five feet – most people who aren't experienced in big water over estimate wave size, but still, not five feet. Second, going out into any conditions you aren't familiar with and aren't really prepared for is a bad idea; that's how you end up on the news as the guy who got pulled out by a rip tide and died a rather sad and preventable death. Take a lesson, learn to manage risk, and don't give others bad ideas.

  3. Great video. I love the intensity of kayaking in the surf. It seems the old school style seats with the foam and fabric or no seat at all are more durable in the surf. I think you have demonstrated that the new style of comfy metal framed seats that are so popular now days, get eaten up / torn off their brackets when the kayak is dragged upside down in the surf.

  4. Make it a bit easier on yourself, spread your hands wider on the paddle shaft. you will have more power in your stroke for less effort. I have surfed wave skis for over 35 years and used to fish up to 10km offshore in a prowler 4.5 elite

  5. wow this is why the paddling kayak is better!! first attempt you success even in very rought condition, good video

  6. YAY..👍👍👍YOU DID IT Aliex 💪💪I'm sure you get andrenalin rush and feel awesome, hope you enjoy the moment as I enjoy the clip, thanks.
    Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and family 🎄 🎄 🎅🎉🎉🎉🌲🌲


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