Residential AC Leak Troubleshooting Video


Tim Smith from Hudson Valley Community Colleges details the entire process troubleshooting a leak on a Residential AC unit using the DOTS HVAC Troubleshooting Simulator.

Learn more and start your free trial of at The simulator allows continued practice on HVAC equipment and over 150 faults helping students and new technicians gain additional confidence and mastery in troubleshooting process.

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  1. Regards.
    I would love for a technician who did service in the 80's, 90's to give his opinion of how this was repaired
    Same problem at the time? … without them they repaired the same. Maybe the problem is that you did not require an EPA certificate.
    What I mean is that there were not all these tools back then and in this video they are shown as essential. You do not get them so cheap, the companies do not facilitate you to buy them.
    These videos focus on selling tools to young technicians more than anything.

  2. You never took a subcooling temperature before you said it was low on charge, so how do you know it isn’t a partial restriction? Should have just used the testo guages in the tool box, it would have showed you all of that

  3. TU…dang all i need now is the license. i know more about this than a lazy moron that came out and didn't check
     any  shit for 250.

  4. Have you heard about using Cold Plus refrigerant additive to get colder air and use less electricity? I heard that both commercial and residential units are saving between 8% to 18% utility bill savings…is that possible?

  5. wish i had a "fix leak" button with me to click 😉 pretty cool. great class! thank you! and where do i get some tests to take? :)..

  6. The DOTS HVAC Troubleshooting Simulator needs to be a bit more realistic.
    Next video… when you remove the Electrical Cover Panel… Have a simulated Copper Head Snake bite you.
    Video narration says: "Move the cursor over to the toolbox, and click on the tourniquet. Quickly place the tourniquet on the affected limb by clicking above the snake bite. Next, click on the button that reads: CALL 911".
    Congratulations! You have successfully completed this simulated lesson.

  7. Where's the video where you have to deal with a customer yelling at you when you tell them how much R-22 they need and it's going to cost them almost 1K.
    P.S. stick with yellow jacket mechanical gauges, testos suck.

  8. I think its important to mention the type of refrigerant you're using since that will effect the starting pressure. Here you went 95*F and added 20*F (O.A.T + 20*F = 115*F PSIG) which for those new to the trade that means the refrigerant used in this system is likely R-410A.


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