Pokemon Tatan Region ● Fakemon ● Fanart ● Design by Tatanrodri


Fakemon – Tatan Region dex – Generation 1..

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Huion H610PRO V2 Graphics Drawing :
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  1. There should be more Atomic type Pokémon in this dex. If you introduce a new type, at least give more Pokémon that type. I also understand that the artist will put more atomic Pokémon in the next generation, but Gen 6 didn’t wait until gen 7 to introduce all of the non-legendary fairy types.

  2. Atomic would be amazing for two Pokemon I have made typeless for now because I don't know what type to make them so could I use the atomic type? I will if I make a video about my Pokemon give thanks to you for letting me use that type

  3. I made a new fangame called pokemon chimera and hydra and my region is based on dezorah philipines since I have my own fakemon type eclipse

  4. Ok…,.The Fire starter in TWO million times better than the other ones…,.Just…, It is much NORMAL and cool 😀


    Edit: if I lived in this region:
    1. My team would be huge (I love so many of these Pokémon)
    2. I’d have an impossible time choosing my starter
    3. I’d never want to leave!!!

  6. Okay these designs are amazing but im still kinda concerned by the fact that the water starter is earlier in dex before the fire starter cuz usually the fire starter is after the grass starter

  7. I just started my YouTube channel this week! I'm doing Fakemon Blender timelapses as well as other things!
    Come check it out and request a fakemon or character!!!


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