Pokemon Sword and Shield – Team Building Guide! How to Team Build in Pokemon Sword and Shield! ⚔️🛡️


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Pokemon Sword and Shield! Team Building Guide. A Competitive Guide on how to Team Build in Pokemon Sword and Shield! One of many guides to Pokemon Sword and Shield on the channel
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  1. This was very helpful. You focused more on the approach/mindset to team building rather than presenting a hard formula to just plug Mons into. Good work 👍

  2. Adding to EV spreads and certainly to an extent movesets/mon choices, you can get creative with it and tweak it against the meta (anti-meta) for strategic purposes/checking specific threats

    Example: a more offensive mon with average defences will typically get a more offensive spread, but what if you form a strategy where you want it to out-live a certain attack to check or cripple a certain threat? – that's totally ok. The slightest tweak to EVs can accomplish that and create an advantage state. Mixing things up this way takes trial and error but can definitely be viable and rewarding, as well as bring the element of surprise. The possibilities are endless.

  3. "Look, Darmanitan has no counters. I'm gonna use Darmanitan"

    Looking back on this, you were completely right.

  4. So I'm building a team right now and I was wondering can I competitively run a split set with sandstorm and hail 3 and 3 atm it looks like: tyranitar (sandstorm), steelix, digtrio, Alolan Ninetales (snow warning), lapras, Articuno (after dlc update) or even going 3 and 3 rain drought are these potentially synergetic team options I was told not to but I don't want all my effort to have 1 counter where with sand hail I can flip the weather as I need it to prevent my opponent from abusing my buff

  5. Lol I remember when I started building "competitive" Pokemon back in gen 3 for Battle Frontier, I would just simply look at the lowest stat and invest everything on it😂

  6. uhh hi i'm rather new to this whole pokemon team building business so i was wondering if you could help me i could really use the help.

  7. I just saw this video and have to say that it's pretty good! One thing I feel would be better for the casual level players is if you take sample teams or some SPL/OST/laddering teams and do the reverse by slowly explaining why these mons work, why certain moves are used, what the "hidden tech" is used for, why certain EVs are allocated, what mons to look out for, and what the different gameplans should be.
    Viewers will generally take a team and run with it and this would teach them the "fundamentals" which IMO is better than a team building video because players have issues understanding their teams which leads to some not wanting to play. Once you get "good", players will naturally be interested in team building once they have confidence in their skill, and until then I personally think they wouldnt enjoy the building as much as you guys might. Great video nonetheless!
    Edit: This could prob be a series for your general ladder vids and I'm sure it'll do well because who doesnt want to get better while getting a free team :] shoutouts agency

  8. I'm not very good but honestly that doesn't matter to me. Competitive can be fun cause even if you don't use the top tier pokemon, you can still use stupid pokemon strategies and occasionally come out on top. I don't like using copy paste teams even though they do seem to win more. My favorite thing about the game is when my pokemon do win and feeling like I had fun using my team.I feel like some people forget to have fun with battling and take their losses too seriously.


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