Over 150 Fake Pokémon, A Dark Type Gym, and MORE! My Fan Made Pokemon Region


My New Pokemon Region! Check out this fake Pokemon region and Pokedex I made as a kid, including over 150 new Pokemon, new gym leaders, new Elite Four members, and more!

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Music by Rob-Ez!


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  1. HELP ME MAKE A TOP 10 VIDEO OF MY FAKE POKEMON! After you watch the video, nominate your favorites here! https://goo.gl/forms/n9SRqB5xSwQSzwoW2 Then come out to twitch.tv/mandjtv today at 3pm EST to help me figure out who the Top 10 are!

  2. I made my own grass starter that’s a monkey and ended up being a gorilla in its final stage before gen 8 so game freak should hire me

  3. Okay, so I am car enthusiast and I think it’s funny that the name is the region is Claren and one of my favorite car brands is is McLaren which is similar to the name of the region

  4. You inspired me to do my Abra-like line for my region

    Nouit, Ishere, and Nouitsther.

    Now it is here now it's there.

  5. You should either redraw this book yourself or have someone else redraw it and show it in a future episode. I think it would be really cool

  6. As of now there isn’t an official Common badge anywhere except here in your video. Great region btw it inspired me to make my own! (It’s not done yet)


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