OUTLAST – 2 Girls 1 Let's Play Part 1: We Regret Everything


Why did we decided to do this?

Hell is an experiment you can’t survive in Outlast, a first-person survival horror game developed by veterans of some of the biggest game franchises in history. As investigative journalist Miles Upshur, explore Mount Massive Asylum and try to survive long enough to discover its terrible secret… if you dare.


In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, recently re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation, the asylum has been operating in strict secrecy… until now.

Acting on a tip from an anonymous source, independent journalist Miles Upshur breaks into the facility, and what he discovers walks a terrifying line between science and religion, nature and something else entirely. Once inside, his only hope of escape lies with the terrible truth at the heart of Mount Massive.

Outlast is a true survival horror experience which aims to show that the most terrifying monsters of all come from the human mind.

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  1. ive been watching lets plays since 14, now 21 and i realized this is my first time watching a girls lets play. thats crazy

  2. The Mount Massive Asylum for the Criminally Insane, also known as the Mount Massive Asylum, is an insane asylum located within the remote mountains of Lake County in Colorado, USA, and it is the setting of the horror videogame Outlast and it's sequel Outlast: Whistleblower.

  3. Love this game. Wish you had a face cam thon, these videos are only worth watching when we can see the reaction. Well, in my opinion anyway.

  4. You guys should play Alien:Isolation next.
    But make sure that you watch at least the first two Alien movies before playing it even if you've already seen them to refresh your memory.
    I love this game a lot, even though I've seen other Youtubers play it, I still want to see your reactions with this game.

  5. oh man it's been almost 2 months since I've watched a lets play. It's good to be back and hear friendly voices. I missed you ladies <3

  6. When you guys played Gone Home, I'd recently watched a LP of Outlast, so when you were walking through the father's library in GH, this is all I could think of.

  7. Description – "Why did we decided to do this?" <—— Doesn't one of you usually correct the other one on stuff like this? :p

  8. Outlast is one of my favorite games of all time, and I think it's actually pretty respectful and VERY well-made for a horror game – I've watched probably five other YouTubers play it, and was waiting for the day you guys would finally give it a go. This has definitely made my month. 😀

  9. i love you videos but i kinda feel the sound of your voices is really low on this one. i had to turn on the volume very lout to hear you 2 good. and like this the music was extrem loud then 🙁 maybe it is just me

  10. cant believe u guys played this game. @@@@@ last time i saw others playing this game, ima so freaking scarydddajshdajfksdfk.

  11. What was Mari referring to when she said footage of "Actual human suffering". Not that I even wanna see it but they kinda trailed off from it.

  12. Oh my lordie, it has been so long since I have watched you two! I remember when you guys had around 14 k subs, and I knew you guys would make it on YouTube. Congrats, you two have some real talent!

  13. Nope nope nope. I've tried to watch several people play this but my anxiety just shoots through the roof! Thought I'd try with you guys but I still can't do it ahahaaa. Sorry ladies…I'll watch some of your other videos to make up for it! 🙂

  14. I know why you like using a controller, for the smoother movements etc, but honestly seeing your mouse freak out when you get scared makes it so much funnier, loving it.

  15. Hey, can you link me to a article of that asylum you where talking about, im pretty curious and i want to know about the topic. I would thank you massively 😉

  16. I always love your videos, but i have to say that it is better to use the keyboard and mouse in a youtube video when playing a horror game, it shows you get jumpy and stuff, its more cool that way, but i can understand how some people prefer to use controllers.


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