Oof! What Clan Games Rewards Should I Choose?! Which Extra Reward Will I Choose in Clash of Clans


Oof! What Clan Games Rewards Should I Choose?! Which Extra Reward Will I Choose in Clash of Clans

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  1. #QOTD Iam a th9 and my heroes are both 25 levels should i upgrade the AQ to 30 then the BK or should i upgrade them one level each(sorry for my english)

  2. Tbh, buy yourself a better camera dude. with this setup, you will get no where. seriously. I'm suprised that you have over 100k subs. You're not even worht a k sub

  3. Jo when u save some spells after raid, does it not interfere with the previous spell cooked, that's the reason why I never save any army and spells

  4. Hey Jo, would u mind to show us how to do your version of hybrid attack in war situation? Good luck, glad to watch you 😁

  5. Jo, have you found a difference in difficulty in opponents during cwl depending on it being a 15v15 or 30v30?

  6. I got the exact same things as you before even watching this video, time items are ALWAYS a massive priority as an active player.

  7. Hey Jo, I’ve been watching your videos for a while because they are very informative and helpful. I have an unrelated question: everything on my base is maxed except my king and Queen, sitting at levels 17 and 16, currently upgrading. Do you think I should upgrade to th10 after CWL? I just feel bad sitting on max of all of this gold and elixir, it just feels really wasteful. I also have a few troops to max, such as golems (level 3 rn), valks, minions, poison spell, freeze spell, and hogs (all close to max).

  8. QOTD: Im a fully max th8 ready to go to th9 but unfortunately my lab is behind by around a month, my troops are a mix of th7/8 and are around a month behind. Should I upgrade or wait thanks

  9. I have a clan with 30 people in it but everyone was lazy and only 10 people did it meaning we only got 28000 points😒

  10. Hey Joe I wanted to Join Battle Elite but you have to be th10 but i saw th7s in there.. how do you get in?


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