On the Water Review: Ocean Kayak Big Game II


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The Ocean Kayak Big Game Angler II is the ultimate boat for going after the ‘big one’. It features the Element seating system with multi-position options. The all-day comfort of the Element seat, combined with stern stingers designed to carry volume in the rear of the boat, the Prowler Big Game II is BIG on stability and comfort. The Prowler Big Game II features 6 strategically placed mounting brackets.These allow you to equip all your gear around you just the way you want it, without drilling into your hull. The Prowler provides plenty of storage space and includes the easy-to-use Click Seal bow hatch cover to keep your gear secure and dry. The capacity is 550-600 lbs to accommodate fisherman of any size and the platform is built for stability. It has the Glide Track Foot Brace System, a transducer compatible scupper, Mod Pod center hatch, and an oversized tank well with bungees. 2018 closeout model.

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  1. ack on bissonet gives no fucks about customers. i was a big customer mainly online but after visiting the store front several times i always felt like they didnt want me there always frowning never smiling and giving off the feeling like i dont belong. horrible experience if you starting out. i got this same kayak on my channel in the surf

  2. Bought mine used about 3 months ago and have loved it. Fish it in saltwater marsh and creeks near Galveston. Very steady feeling as I'm almost 300 pounds and was worried about tipping over alot. Added a rudder and it tracks really well.

  3. Thanks for posting this video. I am torn between the Big Game 2 and Bonafide SS127. The BG2 looks easy to stand in and has a massive weight limit for us big guys. Which would more versatile for different paddling environments?


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