Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II Stability Test Does It Flip


Ocean Kayak Prowler Big Game II How stable is this fishing kayak?

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  1. I own this kayak and I take it BTB, open water and to the marsh. I never stand and try to rock the boat. I can set the hook sitting and standing without falling. I live his videos but this is extreme or things only a novice that doesn't know better would try.

  2. I have this kayak and it's very stable for me being 6' 2". I'll upgrade to the PDL eventually. Hands free would allow for more fishing with the sonar. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thx for the video! I was recently searching for a new yak and did a ton of research. I ended up with an Old Town Predator MX and really love it so far. I tried this boat first, just in the pool at the shop and wow, you are spot on…so easy to flip! I was amazed at how quickly it dumped me compared to the Predator and some others. I'm sure it is a nice boat and it "checked" most of the other boxes for me, but I would never want to be out in the boat and having to worry that much about being dumped!

  4. Thanks for the video Aliex. Really disappointing to see how easily this kayak flipped when you were seated. In this case it seems the width does not provide the expected stability. How does the stability compare to the Ocean Kayak Trident and Prowler (which are both not meant for standing in).

  5. Hi love your channel , just subscribed from Kansas,we look forward to your next video, stop by and say Hi

  6. love your vids bro! from a dania beach local, hope i see you out there one day. Just bought my vibe SG130 and cant wait to take it out there

  7. Well, it cuts through the waves beautifully, but you made it obvious that you do not want to be broadside to those waves! Good test, Aliex!

  8. I was seriously considering this for my first fishing kayak. I fish big waters and I'm a big guy. Stability is extremely imoortant. These videos are pure gold! Thank you!


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