NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER – Sonic Dash


In this video you’ll see NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER in Sonic Dash! That includes me showing Sonic Dash mobile game in hacker vs pro vs noob and Sonic Dash All Max Level Evolution! Sonic Dash Level and Sonic Dash world record gameplay, which is Same as Bowmasters game Sonic Dash mod apk and Sonic Dash hack! All levels in Sonic Dash with all maps! Sonic Dash world record, Sonic Dash unlimited gold hack! How to play Sonic Dash? Sonic Dash max level evolution! Sonic Dash max power and Sonic Dash Max size with Sonic Dash Highscore!

NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER – Sonic Dash Hack, Mod Apk, Sonic Dash Game Animation – Top Free Mobile Best Games on iOS iPhone / Android 2020 Video.

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Edited by Rowan Copeland

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I hope you enjoy this video! 😊


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  2. A hacker is someone who breaks into the games code and reprograms it inoder to get or achieve things that can not be done in normal game play. The term hacker is not a Measure of someones game skill.

  3. No me gusta para nada los juegos de sonic en mobil por el tema de que solo son careras y el puntaje mas alto no hay final me gustan los juego de sonic de pc como sonic at aventure y etc estos me parecen aburridos sin ofender


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