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Get the Best video quality from your Nintendo GameCube! Looking for an alternative to the expensive GameCube component cables? HDMI on the Nintendo GameCube? Want better quality from Game Boy and GBA games on your TV? Look no further!


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  1. after hdmi came out it took nintendo 7 years until the wii u to finally put hdmi in thier systems.Why nintendo!

  2. I loved my GameCube, but it was stolen along with 48 games and a myriad of accessories when I was in a homeless youth shelter. Still, I have a modded Wii and Wii U, plus Dolphin 🐬 is one of the greatest emulators out there.
    As far as GBA games, they can be played on my DS Light or even my modded New 3DS XL if I don't want to emulate them.
    The GameCube was one of my favorite systems of all time; it was fast, small, light, quiet, the game discs seemed super cool at the time, it had virtually no load time on most games, and it had one of the greatest controllers off all time.
    That being said, I don't miss it because I can play all of the games with the real controllers either on my Wii consoles or on my PC with the official Nintendo USB adapter.

  3. I’m glad I sold my GC component cables for the 💰 the games are better played on a Wii or emulator. I originally traded used copy of Killzone 2 on PS3 for them, then sold them to some sucker for like $200 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Guys, this is a superb video! 😀

    The huge amount of interesting detail and the excellent presentation kept me glued to the screen. I am certainly a lot better informed than I was half and hour ago.

    Thanks! 😀

  5. Just buy a Wii that's backwards compatible with the Gamecube & a HDMI converter for the Wii & you can play Gamecube games with great quality image.

  6. I have the carby which make it 480p. And I have an hdmi upscale that upscale to 1080p. Looks beautiful. Cost 150 for both.

  7. I use the following to get games on a TV.
    MiSTer for NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA
    Wii U with cfw for virtual console injects of DS, GC, Wii.

    Leaving 2 omissions that hopefully get solved one day:
    N64 – frankly I've never played a N64 game.

  8. 6:10 "Free, $10 ~ $30, and $200 ~ $300. Is each jump in quality worth the extra cost? I dunno, that's a tough call to make."

    Nope! Nope nope nope nope NOPE! I'm putting my foot down here. I'm a retro gamer, I spend money on custom cables for 20+ year old hardware, that's why I watch this channel. I have HD Retrovision component cables connecting my Japanese model 1 Saturn to a RetroTink 2X plugged into a Marseille mClassic. I bough a $25 shielded S-Video cable from Retro Access for my N64. That's the kind of best-image-from-original-hardware gamer I am.

    But I am going to declare that it is an irrefutable scientific fact that the jump in quality from Game Cube S-Video to Game Cube component IS NOT worth $170 ~ $290. Again, this is not my opinion. This is a fact. I mean, go look at it again. Do it. Now. S-Video is clearly superior to composite. That's a clearer, sharper image with more vivid colors. It's a better picture. Playing Game Cube with an S-Video cable looks better than playing Game Cube with composite cables. That same S-Video cable will also make your Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 look better. Many people, me definitely included, agree that that's worth $10. Again, I paid $25! Plus shipping! Make your old games look better! Do it! That's why we're here! S-Video, man, go back and look at it again! It's definitely better than composite!

    But seriously, I'm not even sure if I think the component looks better than the S-Video. The, look, I can't even call it a jump, the shift in quality is so small, it's the kind of thing where if you were in a room with a bunch of paid surrogate who were all paid to say image A looks better than image B and they're all talking about how great image A looks and how crap image B looks, and you aren't told which one is the S-Video and which one is the component, you'd, 99 times out of 100, agree with the paid surrogates just because group think, and that 1 out of 100 is just that contrarian who disagrees because all the surrogates say it looks better. Either way, IT'S NOT BECAUSE YOU ACTUALLY THOUGH ONE OF THE IMAGES LOOKED BETTER!

    Okay, it's thought experiment time. Go on and watch side-by-side again. Stop it so you can look at it. Okay, so if showed you the composite image and the S-Video image, but didn't tell you which was which, and told you that for $10 (we'll low ball it) you get a Game Cube cable that will produce that quality of image. Pay $10, pick an image, no backsies, you get the cable. Would you do it? I know I would! I am 100% confident I can tell the difference here between composite and S-Video, and if you aren't, this channel might not be for you.

    Okay, round 2. You see the S-Video and component images, not labeled. You have the option to pay 200 FREAKING DOLLARS! to choose an image and get a cable that outputs that image. Would you do it? I'd hope not, because I can't even tell which one looks better! That's how little difference there is! Just give me the $200, please, I swear I can spend it on better image quality upgrading hardware than you! IT LOOKS THE SAME! IT'S THE SAME! $200+! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF NOT A TOUGH CALL TO MAKE! THE CORRECT ANSWER IS NO, IT IS NOT WORTH $200-$300!

  9. I was using my Wii the other day and I was thinking about how annoying it was that my PAL hardware doesn’t support 480p, and I started looking into ways of getting 480p with my hardware, but then I realised that my RGB SCARTs not support 576i/576i and my Sony Trinitron only supports 576i/480i anyway and I literally don’t own a 480p capable display outside of my PC monitor. And I wouldn’t want to use 480p anyway even through the resolution is higher as my Sony Trinitron is so beautiful I’d never want to use anything else. Except maybe a PVM but I don’t have that kind of money.

  10. As I am about to try and resurrect a Game Cube that has been sitting around collecting dust for a decade, I have been contemplating this issue. I already have a HDMI adapter that I use with my SNES. It cost about $35.
    The output with the SNES is excellent. It will also work with the GC. The Level Hike cable will upscale the image. While theoretically, you lose something in the translation with this method, with the relatively low resolution of the GC I don't think there is a significant subjective difference.

  11. What about RBGPlaying game is the betterTV or school TV is that a better Picture of what you get on the old schooltv I like playing my games but I can buy my PlayStation three only supports modern different 7p to 1080 maybe Other ways to play video games right it’s just like very much like to go in to you on the PS2


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