Ninja Foodi Burgers (Stuffed and Unstuffed)


Hi there! You know I had to do a video on Ninja Foodi burgers! My husband LOVES burgers and usually I let him cook them, he’s better at it.
Now, with the Ninja Foodi, anyone can cook a perfect burger!

Ninja Foodi Burgers are a game changer! I have never cooked a better burger than the ones done in the Foodi. The best news is, they are simple to make!

I stuffed my Ninja Foodi Burger with sauted onions and blue cheese, my husband had his just with cheese. They were both perfect.

The Ninja Foodi cooks the burger perfectly and all the grease is collected in the inner pot. So much better than pan frying where the burger is sitting in it’s own grease. We loved them and won’t cook burgers any other way. Give them a try!

Here is how I made the burgers:

These cooking times are for 2 – 8oz burgers that are done to medium. Please adjust the time based on the size of your burgers and how you like them done. If they are thinner burgers, skip the decreased heat and just go with the second heat of 400° F.

Preheat the Air Crips function on Ninja Foodi to 325° F or 400° F. (depending on the size of the burger) for at least 5 minutes.

Form 1 pound of ground beef into 2 equal size patties. Avoid overworking the ground beef or it will become dense and you may end up with a dry tough burger. If not using a burger press, press a spoon into the center of each one to depress the middle slightly. This will help them to cook flatter and not puff up.

*If you want to stuff your burgers, press ½ of the ground beef out into a burger shape, put no more than ¼ cup of desired filling. Form the other ½ of the ground beef into a burger shape slightly larger and put on top so the meat goes around the sides. Firmly press the ground beef together on the sides so no filling is peeking through. Flip and make sure there are no visible seams or the filling may leak out.

Season the outside of the burgers on both sides with salt and pepper or any seasonings that you like. Place burges on rack in the high position. You can use the basket as well, but I found it was harder to clean.

Cook the burgers @325° F for 5 minutes, flip and cook another 5. Increase the heat to 400°F and cook for 3-4 minutes, flip and cook another 3-4 minutes.

If you want to add cheese, do this with 1 minute of cooking time to go. Remove the burgers and let them rest at least 5 minutes.

Toast bun on the Air Crisp while the burgers are resting. Slather on your condiments and add desired burger toppings, place burger on the bun and ENJOY!

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While you can certainly form your burgers by hand, I find the Burger and Slider Press from Pampered chef makes the best shaped burgers for even cooking. I use it all the time, here is the link:

The Pepper I used is Restaurant Pepper or Table Grind Pepper. Here is the link:


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  1. I dont see why you have to flip them shouldn't it cook evenly, if that's the case you might as well stove top cook them

  2. I made these tonight along with the French fries. The burgers were delicious! The fries didn’t crisp up but I found out you HAVE to use russet potatoes and I used golden potatoes. They still tasted really good but they didn’t crisp up.

  3. I cook with our new ninja foodi while watching your video recipe. you make it less terrifying ! We had a pressure cooker years ago explode (no one injured, just scared)…… so you take the fear out of this for me and I love having quick amazing food . thank you for taking your time to share and help us

  4. "so it's a perfect medium" pointing at absolutely grey meat in the center…
    I dunno how americans rate their rare medium medium well or well done but other than this not forming the super crisp browned crust (which is probably because it's an air fryer and not a grill) this is deep in well done zone


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