Nike SFB Field 2 Boot REVIEW + ON-FEET


An update to the popular SFB Field, the Nike SF Field 2 Boot borrows more heavily from military design than Nike’s typical sneaker lineup. If you’re looking to draw on these kinds of looks without looking like an Airsoft enthusiast, this might be the shoe for you.

Nike SFB Field 2 Boot on Nike US:
Nike UK:

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  1. How heavy are these? And how comfortable are they really? Does anyone know? Please let me know. I own the Gen 2 and love them so much, they're so comfortable. Are the Field 2 equivalent in comfort??

  2. Honestly prefer the lack of new cushion tech since they're often too soft for boots. The last thing we want in a pair of boots is for them to start bottoming out or us to fall over when trying to balance ourselves cause it compressed when we put out weight on it. These a tough, durable and suit the purpose well, they shouldn't have to pander to sneakerheads just cause they're Nike's. Only way I would accept advanced cushion tech is if they put a thin layer of it under the foot above the midsole sort of like a second insole.

  3. No these boots are the worst in actual combat the only time people wear these boots in the army is when you're at Garrison do not use these boots. I think they even stopped selling them at clothing and sales.

  4. Great review Antwon and very informative. What do you think about the Nike SFB 2 8" GTX as compared to the boots that you have just reviewed?

  5. I'm here for something to trudge off trail in the Washington wilderness with, among bogs, swamps, mud, and able to sprint if needed. Are these practical boots?

  6. Great review, good points, on point comparisons, and your narrative makes complete sense. Keep up the great work!

  7. Bruh those are "proper" military boots, nike and other brands known for making sportswear also make military focused clothing and sell it to militaries/are accepted into the uniforms, as it is the case with the us militaries that accept more boots than just the standard issue, not like my country for example that makes soldiers choose between national made standard issue full leather boots, rothco gi or rothco jungle boots. Nike boots are military grade boots and are used by soldiers and law enforcement

  8. I bought a pair before I saw this video. Now I'm happy I purchased, thinking about buying a second pair. Cheers

  9. We actually use these boots in the army except they’re the desert tan version. These are genuine military boots and are regarded as very comfortable and mildly durable. My bct captain and two of my act instructors wore these


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