Nexus Game Revolution | Vol. 13 | Dubstep Electro House


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✘MagicnaAnavi (Wallpaper Artist)


00:00 Instrumental Core & Tera Catallo – A Crowd Of Gods

03:57 Electromagnetic Blaze – Subzero

08:19 Fractal – Elements

14:33 Virtual Riot – Sugar Rush (Barely Alive Remix)

18:32 PRA2 – Termezet

23:01 Muvic – Bass Please!

27:55 Digitalchord & Eter – Malibulus (Original Mix)

31:33 Alessio Chisari – My Deejay (Original Mix)

35:05 Alex Ferro – Armor Lock (Original Mix)

38:41 King Kornelius – Early Morning (Original Mix)

40:50 King Kornelius – Early Morning (indO Remix)

44:20 Monkey Freakz ft. Melissa Pixel – Spell On Me(Perfect Cell)

48:39 Hellberg, Teqq & Taylr Renee – Air

55:28 Decca T-The Truth Still Survives

All Wallpapers:

*If any producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads please get in contact ( with me and I will delete it immediately (this includes artists of the images used).

All of the music you hear on this channel has been provided to HDmusicNexus with permission from the artists. The music is mostly free to download but is not royalty free. If you want to use this music in a Youtube video and enable monetization
you will need permission from the artists.


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  1. I had this downloaded on my pc back then… I'm very well acquainted with the flow of the audio in this mix. Aaahh, the nostalgia!!!!

  2. masa especial que supongo ? )
    deseándonos hollydays 😀
    mezcla amaizing como siempre , el hombre , la esperanza nunca dejan ^^

    y una pregunta extraña : se puede jugar LoL , pero hacer un jugador DATA 2 ) ? : D
    les mando un hollydays =) bueno lo busque por traductor yo se español me copie de la chica que esta abajo mio

  3. +Nexus Network what happened to the recent game revolution song?
    can you please re-upload the other game revolution videos that got deleted?
    I would love to hear them all

  4. Hate that naruto part…………. totally disgusting but still AWESOME MUSIC AND ********* AMAZING PLACEMENT….. Thanks~

  5. I would say is Ashe….but becouse Ashe is a COPPY of Drow Ranger from DotA…for me she is Traxex^^…(no haters please…just saying)

  6. i think the frequency of the gated pad in the beginning was too high, that might by why it sounded choppy, a little balance issue

  7. "She was everything to me, but they took her and with her they took my kindness and my mercy, that was their mistake because now all I got left is a cold heart, they thrive on doubt they feast on fear these wretched abominations blight this world and every last one of them will perish with my hand" ~ Lucian from league of legends ~ So badass


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