Nexus Game Revolution | Vol. 12 | Dubstep Electro House


Whaaaaats upppppp!
Im back again. I took a break for 2~ weeks to relax a bit.
Now Im back with a new NGR and I hope that you like this one!
Its a mix of different genres and it starts with soft Dubstep and then some heavy wobbles.
And of course some House and Electro tunes for some sexy game/workout sessions or whatever you guys do.(fap?) 😀

Thanks to everyone that is supporting me by sending motivational messages, sharing and
commeting my videos and enjoying the music and pictures. 😀

Now turn up the volume and
show your neighbour how loud your speakers are.
Cya Nex

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✘MagicnaAnavi (Wallpaper Artist)

00:00 Instrumental Core – And The Deaths Will Be Back (Death Race III”Trailer)

01:31 Skrux & Felxprod – Find You ft. Complexion (Myriad Remix)

04:16 MitiS – Open Window Feat. Anna Yvette

08:03 MineSweepa – Cerberus

10:09 Arent & Raxell – Amadeus

14:01 Arent & Raxell – I Want You So

17:05 Rob Gasser – Diversity

18:27 Duelle & CiRRO – Your Addiction (Culture Code Remix)

21:10 MitiS – The Opening

23:40 Mat Coast – Take A Ride

27:55 Mat Coast – Be Happy

31:26 Vicetone feat. Collin McLoughlin – Heartbeat (PIXL Remix)

36:40 Mat Coast – Live Your Life

42:41 Forekast – Rush

47:15 SirensCeol – Fire

51:26 Mat Coast – Believe (Original Mix)

55:56 Forekast & Marvelex – Squeak

59:54 Freakunique – Dutch Invasion

01:04:16 Nerve – Blizzard

01:07:22 GFT & Jalice Jack – The Revolution Show


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  1. I honestly miss NGR. One of the best mixes made, and the reason why I actually subbed. They are gorgeous, and I'd definitely love to see them back and running once again on this channel! Much love!

  2. Where is Number 11 ? It was my favourite back in the day, can't find it anymore , except on soundcloud 🙁

  3. Listened to about half of this mix(37:13) and I'm loving it so far! Will have to listen to the other half of I have time

  4. Hola no se si hablaras español pero me gustaria que hicieras con violin es my instrumento favorito y me gustari un dubstep a si.

  5. This is simply amazing 🙂 I´m glad my friend sent me link for this flawless masterpiece! You´ve earned another subscriber!!!


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