Longplay of Superman: Shadow of Apokolips


Longplay of Superman: Shadow of Apokolips, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game’s version was released on Mar. 25th, 2003. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:00:15 – Opening
0:03:04 – A Day in the Life…
0:11:38 – Officer Down!
0:21:00 – Flood Damage
0:36:19 – Infiltration
0:41:55 – Incursion!
0:57:19 – Liberation
1:12:22 – Steel Factory Showdown
1:19:26 – Mountain Strike!
1:42:08 – Reactor Meltdown!
1:56:52 – Uprising!
2:16:50 – Guilty As Charged
2:26:57 – Duel in Metropolis
2:35:44 – Unfinished Business
2:38:14 – Face Off
2:50:04 – Credits

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  1. I played this shortly after one of the worst GameCube games ever, Batman: Dark Tomorrow. This game had far far more positive reviews.. but clearly that shows these ratings and reviews are not to be trusted. This Superman game is bad, although not so bad as the Nintendo 64, it's still bad.

    The graphics aren't very good and the combat system is boring.

    The levels are a bit varied. Levels such as saving civilians, beating up a bunch of enemies and even some stealth missions. Fortunately the stealth is pretty easy and nothing to get frustrated over. Anyways, it's mostly beat 'em up which is why it's such a bummer that the combat system is so boring.

    At the end of the game the missions just kinda stop and all you're left to do with is a bunch of bosses.

    Worth playing? Not really, but it's Superman tho!

  2. Omg so good to know i'm not the only person on earth who played this.
    This was my first ps2 game, i thought it was great back then… only know do i realize it wasn't…

  3. I remember my cousin struggling a lot on the Dam mashing part, not sure if he just sucked or it was legit hard lol

  4. This was the best game for a Superman game. Just the freedom of flight alone was fun. I read your pinned comment, sorry your experience wasn’t as good as mine.

  5. I love this game! Superman STAS is a great series. I'm glad all the voices came back (perhaps apart from Darkseid in his small appearances).

  6. I remember playing this game with my friend on PS2, thinking this game is really good! Now I looking at it, it's not good! 😂

  7. An employee of the company wanted to make a level where you fly through rings. He was burned at a stake for his crime.

  8. Man, i'm starting to hate this game, cause this is one of the games where you need to ask reasonable question: WHERE THE FUCK DO I GO AND WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO AND HOW DO I DO THAT IF IT'S NOT ENOGHT TIME???!!! Seriously, that stupid ass mission about self destruct mechanism is so stupid, unblanaced and impossible, that i wanna find the guy who was responsible for this mission, smak him in the face, piss on his head and force him to re done it until he will get it right. Cause i wanted to be entertained and not pissed!

  9. I swear it took me over 2 weeks and i asked all of my cousins to find the hidden enemies in the tutorial 😂 we didn’t knew English back then .


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