Let's Play Rabbids Invasion Interactive Tv Show Game #1 Playthrough | Juniors Toons | #Rabbids


Watch, play, and interact with those looney Rabbids in over 20 interactive TV episodes. You can jump right into the show and play full-motion mini-games with over 400 wacky activities like Match the Pose, Speed Drawing, Dance Like Crazy, Sticker Hunt, and more. Challenge your friends to see who can keep up with the Rabbids in their wacky adventures or invite the Rabbids into your home with augmented reality. The Raving Rabbids franchise, known in France as Les Lapins Crétins, is a video game franchise spin off from the Rayman series, which consists mainly of party games, though also includes some platform games and a fighting game.

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UBISOFT Rabbids Invasion Interactive Tv SHow Gameplay Permission for YouTube Click here

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