Let's Make a Pokemon Game!



Jello pitches a hypothetical Pokemon game to anyone who will listen to him for thirty minutes.

I’d probably pick the Water Version of this game. Usually I’d pick a grass starter, but I can’t pick that version because it means I don’t get to hang out with Grass Buddy, who is obviously the cutest one.

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Heroic Age
Groove Grove
Awesome Call
Chipper Doodle
No Frills Salsa
Scheming Weasel
Dirt Rhodes
Monkeys Spinning Monkeys
Beach Bum
Funin and Sunin
Spy Glass
Bass Walker
Two Together
Clean Air
Blue Ska
Pinball Spring

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  1. DOWNLOAD DRAGON CITY HERE! – https://spons.org/jelloapocalypse

    The most fun part of this was coming up with unique Gyms for this region. We ended up cutting a bit about a "Gen 1" Gym where all the mechanics swap back to Gen 1 rules, but only when you're inside the Gym. That means psychic has no weaknesses, speed determines critical hits, and the back-lighting on the console turns off. In the middle of the battle your mom comes in and tells you to stop playing and you have to explain to her you can't turn the game off in the middle of a trainer battle.

    What gyms would YOU make?

  2. You know what maybe the mafia tried to drown you by tying something heavy to your feet and throwing you into the ocean but…. while you are drowning you ,go Into a cutscene and a garydoes is there and you battle it with your Pokémon so you can capture it and it can save you. ( it’s just an idea I thought of )

  3. the different starter area idea is cool, but limiting each starter to one of three versions of the game can be very unpleasant for the player. I mean, most generations have a clear favorite as far as starters go, so one of the three versions of the game will sell lot more than the other 2. Now Imagine you go to the store to buy the very coveted…idk…"pokemon flame dragon version", but the store has ran out of those cuz its the most popular, so you're stuck choosing between "forest crab version" and "ocean elephant version"…essentially locking you out of the option of getting your fire starter. On top of that, if you want to start a new game you are unable to choose different starter. I'd say this feature would be better implemented if the versions would stay as they are, but you can now choose one of three areas (and starters) during character creation.

  4. I mean I'm not against the whole non-linearity but come on, the games have to have to be a little bit linear. The games have been more story driven now, so if you don't have any linearity then it would be a huge problem to actually program each situation.
    Edit: Also Pokemon has fully moved on from "Gotta Catch 'Em All". The tagline has been "Train on" since 2016.
    They want to focus more on the Metagame than the actual pokedex.
    Also Most people don't buy every single version of a generation.
    SO if you make the games so different that the people have to buy all 3 versions to actually get a full experience of the story then that is too much. It has to be so that people don't have to just choose between 3 games. They can just pick up a version without any thought and not feel left out that they didn't buy a version of the game and now they can't talk about the game with their friends because they didn't have a similar experience.
    It's hard to talk about 2 different things in a single conversation.

  5. I’d love to sit on in one of those “design a game” hangouts. I love my friends but they mostly play Cod and Fallout type games. Those are great in their own ways but that’s pretty much all they’re into so that kind of discussion wouldn’t really play out. Also, as much of a huge break from the system it would be, I’d love to see a true open world Pokémon game. I’m talking Skyrim/Witcher level open world, like a massive place where you can go anywhere and do anything, talk to anyone, whatever you want.

  6. I am so down with these ideas. I would agree to adding a difficulty level change that increases the levels of trainers on the road, as opposed having weak one remain weak and strong ones remain strong is too repetitive in my eyes. Plus everyone loved the rematch feature. I would prefer to have trainers you beat learn from mistakes and actually become more difficult to take down.

  7. for the friend that gets left out of the three of the "buddies", they should receive a special pokemon that they later give to the trainer as a thank you for saving them or something lol

  8. You shoyld also be able to join a ranger school and do contests and stuff so you can choose to be something ither than a trainer, heck I've always to be able to work in a shop for PC

  9. It would be a really revival of the pokemon games, they are very comfortable in their formula, this would make a change for, well, a change

  10. Gamefreak be like: "yeah not gonna do any of this. But, but, listen up. NOW THE POKEMON CAN GROW REALLY BIG. Because that is so much cooler than anything from this video."

  11. I fully disagree with the legendary part of this video, there needs to be more legendary Pokémon in the games. It’s a fun part of the endgame to get some super strong cool Pokémon, not some little cheesy rotom. While I understand not involving them in the plot they are a decent chunk of the games and not having any legendaries is straying too far off the main games tbh. It wouldn’t even feel like Pokémon that much anymore if we just have regular Pokémon or some cheesy fake legendary. Part of the enjoyment for probably a decent bit of players, is getting rare cool Pokémon, like shinies and legendaries, since the legendaries aren’t some Pokémon you can just walk in the grass to find and they are one of a kind.

  12. Me and my friends are actually making a fake min project so this is very helpful on what to and what not to do

  13. Idea: Instead of legendary Pokemon how bout having mythic Pokemon. Pokemon of legend the point of them being the focus of the story, they would be optional if you talk to a certain person they will tell you a tale of a pokemon. The tales don't tell you where the Pokemon are but it hints of where it is located it has a gimmick. But that's it. It's like a castform or roton.

  14. Don't tie the starters to the versions, you dont want a player to regret their purchase or be unable to experience the other adventures on replay. Unless you buy multiple versions, you've actually made the game more linear, not less.

  15. This reminded me of Mr. Buddy. He's making his own game. It's not Pokemon, but it's still a creature catching game. Go look him up. He has a youtube channel

  16. Don't forget sound type Pokemon are 50% super effective to normal pokémon, I would include that in the advice.

  17. I think that every area should have easy and hard pokémon and you have to go out of your way to find the tough ones. and the trainers somewhat scale to your level but there will also be low level trainers. And extra hard trainers randomly throughout the route.

  18. Dunno if ur gonna mention this but say you pick fire version of gay ok.
    Last gym leader should be the water prof.
    Jus an idea i didnt want to go away

    I would only do this:
    1. battle sim is a good idea but make it so your pokemon in the sim level is based off the gyms you completed so ts not op or just make it offline.
    2.Make the towns like terry towm, but maybe like instead of new areas, the shop offers more items, or maybe a bike pass etc. so there is a pourpouse and not just aesthetic.

  20. I like the idea of just leaving the legendaries as sort of end game boss fights. They don't mess with the story but are just sort of rumored & hinted throughout the game. Make the optional bosses & content actually tough for the more advanced audience. But leave the main story to being rather simple in difficulty but not easy. And I like the idea of making competitive Pokemon more accessible & trying to make the game less grindy without making it a cake walk.

  21. Gamefreak watching this like: WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THA-

    Who are we kidding they stopped paying attention to fan complaints years ago.

  22. What about a gym where the leader is an old man/women who loves to travel and only uses Pokémon from different regions?

  23. Man, ive never played a pokemon game in my life (i know dont kill me) but i would 100% play this because it just,,, sounds so appealing!! A bunch of cute concepts and a fun world chefs kiss


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