Legendary Starfy | Kirby of the Sea – AntDude


When talking about Kirby just isn’t enough, let’s talk about his aquatic buddy Starfy in his only localized release, The Legendary Starfy for DS!


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  1. Yo like ok, we need one more starfy game, just one more, or atleast a rep in smash come on we need more starfy

  2. I love how there is a part in the whoa zone stage music from super paper mario that is taken from the panic theme of this game. But yeah this game is my childhood

  3. Would've been a lot cooler if Bunston was the main villain and he remembers that he is once he gets his memory back.

  4. Starfy is literally just the ONE game most people had played at some point, but are too shy to talk about it to anyone.

  5. Welp… This guy makes the games sound good but easy. I would recomend this for beginner gamers. Oh man did I play some hard games back when I was not that good at video games ahah. Around when I started to get good at guitar hero III was when I really got better at games.

  6. I remember playing this as a kid w/ the local multiplayer it offered. I didnt own it, a friend did, but it was pretty fun.

  7. They didn't really "slap an R" onto his name. The romaji for Starfy is just "suta". Sounds like Sta–. Assumedly, being a relatively unimportant thing in Brawl, it was just mistranslated as Stafy instead of the obviously intended Starfy.


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