LaMelo Ball Top 50 Plays From His NBL Season!! INSANE Ankle Breaker & CRAZY PASS!!


Here are LaMelo Ball’s BEST moments from his NBL season!
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  1. If you see the games you see how TRASH he actually is… 0 defense, 0 basketball technicall fundamentals, bad attitude…

  2. He'll easily lead the NBA in assists. I can see him in his second season, having good players around him, averaging at least 12 assists a game.

  3. He is legit in my view. When I watched his highlights during early high school years taking long 3s and never really sharing the ball, I was not a fan. But I can see his style of play changed/improved so much then, all on the good side, especially getting his teammates getting involved. Best of the 3 brothers in my opinion

  4. what is sad…and i give props to melo, is that its not easy to keep grinding when no matter how good thee pass or how many points you score, your team continues to trail and lose. The fact that he still looks for his teammates and makes players around him better. Just imagine if he was surrounded by better players.

  5. Really cool 👍🏻 LAMELO is really talented 👌i made a teaser and a short documentary about the Ball brothers in Bamberg 🏀 if you want to see, here is the link to the teaser and to the film best greetings from germany and please stay ALL healthy 💪🏼

  6. Imagine if this kid went to the New York Knicks ik they hope there fortunes change soon!! But with his father being alil more humble

  7. The Knicks desperately need a pg hopefully the nba finally rigs the draft for us instead of not caring because money is still coming in !

  8. Once Lamelo goes pro he will have someone helping his form n then watch out..he's good now but feel like he needs touch up his shooting form tiny bit

  9. His offensive game is strong but when you know you can score when you want, superstars get their team involved early bcz u need them late in games. Defense wins championships, offense sells tickets!

  10. Much improved….. 3 or 4 years ago this kid would've been jacking up a 3 pointer from 35 ft out on a fast break (that might fly in aau or high school when your father coaches the team, but in the NBA, that'll get you put on the bench, unless your name is Steph Curry)… I like that hes attacking the basket, however, at the next level, hes going to have to get STRONGER, if he plans on making that a big part of his game (he'll be dealing with much bigger, athletic, and more physical individuals at the NBA level)… I think hes a better natural shooter than Lonzo, which should make his transition a little easier…

    With that said, Lonzo has improved greatly, you can tell hes putting in the work to get better.. Hes treating basketball like a job and not a Sunday afternoon activity at the park (maybe having a child has something to do with his maturation process. Being responsible for another person puts your whole life into perspective)…


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