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My review of one of the 3 games nominated for the Spiel Des Jahres (SDJ)! Lama, by Amigo, is a quick and light card game where you’re trying to get rid of all your cards, like in Uno. Have the least points went someone gets to 40 points to win the game.

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  1. Hey Dan, I'm super curious about the video you mentioned of Eric from bgg talking about this game. I'm having trouble finding it!

  2. I've played this, and I've played Uno. No question, I'll play LAMA every time. Nothing wrong with light fun. At least it does have some decisions in what to play and when to fold and how to manipulate the scoring. Quick, simple, fun, easy to get non-gamers to play. Not everything has to be Dominion.

  3. I've been using my copy of Push to play this game and I quite like it! It's not the greatest game of all time by any means, but it's quick and fun! The comparisons to Uno are not unwarranted, but if you know someone who is hesitant about modern gaming but they like Uno, this will be familiar and an easy pitch.

    What this game introduces that is unique from a game like Uno is the decision to stop playing a round. New gamers might think, "Why would anyone ever choose to stop playing?" but they'll quickly figure it out once they get stuck with a hand full of cards and rounds are so quick that it won't feel punishing for them to lose.

    In the end, I believe that what modern gamers hate most is the absence of choice. "These are your cards, play them. If you can't play a card, draw." "Roll the die, move that many spaces." What LAMA is, is a game that presents itself like a game like Uno, without real choices, but slowly, very discreetly it introduces new gamers to this idea of making a tougher decision than to play your blue 4 or your blue 5. And I think that when new gamers discover that decision and the weight that it carries, it could be the very first step to opening their minds to modern board gaming.

    People talk a lot about first step games, but I think sometimes those games can be full of brand new concepts that us gamers are so familiar with, we can't imagine them being daunting to a new gamer. I think this game can truly function as a first step game and I think it's a totally warranted nomination.

  4. I used to think Spiel De Jahres nominees/winners were the cream of the crop. No longer. This game kind of strips the credibility of the award away. Sure it’s light and might appeal to little kids, but there are SO many more amazing family games that came out.

  5. Felt the same with this one. It was quite rote. Surprised about the Spiel nomination, so you're not alone. A game I'd sooner recommend is Cabo for that simple card game, but with a little memory and some more choices.

  6. Been there ,done that. Have plenty of similar games which are better. Can’t believe it was nominated for the award. It’s as if the designer said I need an easy family friendly game that can be nominated for this award. May have been alright 10 years ago, but not this day and age where there are so many more better and wonderful games.


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