Killer Whale Eats Divers! – Depth | Ep10 HD


Shamu is on the loose and is out for revenge! Wow, I just read that back and i’m pretty sure theres a terrible app game out there with that exact sentence in it. Yea, Mods are awesome!

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Play as a shark or a diver in a dark aquatic world and overcome your enemies by employing cunning, teamwork, and stealth. Depth blends tension and visceral action as you team up against AI or be matched with other players in heart pounding combat.


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  1. Shamu is name for the SeaWorld Show but you already knew that. The original Orca named Shamu died in 1971 and the name became a trademark show name for the Orcas.
    Blackfish is a great example of humans lack of awareness and greed on these beautiful creatures. but even after the first death made by Tilikum they still used him in their breeding program and had the whales preform for entertainment for park guests. Even thought trainers weren't allowed in the water with the orcas, they didn't start to do anything until March of 2016 when they announced that they are going to stop with their breeding program. Tilikum died unfortunately die January 6th 2017 at the age of 36 from a bacterial infection. he fathered 12 calves and 10 are presumed to still be alive. Tilikum is linked to 3 deaths including Dawn Brancheau in 2010, the first one in 1991where he killed a SeaLand trainer and second being 1999 where he killed a SeaWorld visitor.

  2. I don't support SeaWorld or Circuses at all. I also don't support people owning endangered or exotic animals unless they are a sanctuary or Zoo.

    And I say "zoo" because not all zoos are bad, if it weren't for zoos and sanctuaries a lot of animals would be extinct right now. We need zoos and sanctuary to protect our endangered animal and to ensure their survival.

    SeaWorld and circuses are an entertainment business and they make their animals perform and mistreat them. Zoos and sanctuaries are more of an educational thing and they teach and they show off the animals we otherwise would never get an up close encounter with.

  3. its sad that you stopped showing this game. I have seen it only a few weeks ago and watched it from you. It was pretty interesting

  4. Dolphins are Cetaceans and are also Whales so therefore Orcas are whales too. Also since you (Beaver) like sea creatures Sleich and Papo have really good toy sea creatures but you may have to order them.


  6. 5:07 No James first of All alot of killer whales was not breed from tilikum and Tilikum May have killed a few people But Only one from seaworld and tilikum didn’t get stress from seaworld No orca did. Shamu was Only 10 years old When She died, She May have died of a disease in seaworld But dont blame seaworld for being killers, alot or Maybe All of Their orcas that Are or were sick werent sick at seaworld But seaworld treated every single orca at the park. Seaworld did nothing to the whales that gave the orcas stress or diseases. Yes i know seaworld took whales from the Wild But Only a few is left that were from the Wild. The new orcas to the seaworld family does not know anything more then seaworld! Corky a killer whale at seaworld is around 55 years old and is Doing completly fine! She have never done anything to the trainers or to the other whales. Blackfish is All a Big fat Lie! Maybe alot of it is true But also alot is false and is lying. If you really love This animal and have been to These parks alot you know seaworld isnt really that bad! I May Sound crazy to you cuz I’m not against seaworld But There is truth But you guys decided to believe the false things Said By blackfish. I just wanted to come with an explanation so enjoy the rest of the video 🙂

  7. the facr that their so smart, fast, large and powerful is terrifying, no smart animal has ever grown that large

  8. I'm assuming that's how sharks make it into the game. There has to be a reported or documented human kill. And YES Watching in 2018 xD Because love these videos!

  9. Blackfish is nothing, Seaworld once had a live cam in their tank, If anything can turn you off seaworld, it would be a young orca smashing it's head on the concrete of the tank. When you look up stereotypical behavior in dolphins and whales, there are many other orcas that show aggressive behavior, boredom or self-harming.


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