Killer Whale Beach Attack 3D – Android Gameplay HD


Hey you blood lovers out there!!
Animal Simulation Human Killing Lovers GET READY for a thrilling adventure of a fierce killer whale.
Have you ever imagined to be a murderous whale with big white eyes and yellow sharp teeth eating, swallowing and munching up humans as an EAGER monstrous whale??
Here’s a great chance for you adventurers out there! Step into the oceans and play as Angry Killer Whale!
Tapinator game Killer Whale Beach Attack 3D provide you chance to become a blood Thirsty giant Whale! The ocean, beach and everything that belongs to them is all is yours!! Attack, kill, and rip apart the swimmers and divers that come in your way.
Blowout anarchy on the beach full people for your survival. Your mission also includes to destroy the boats and ships that wander around you in your ocean!! There are many levels in this game. This grampus is controlled by you only.
Eat and kill can increase your health and power. The grampus can eat jellyfish, sea horse, shrimp, Piranha and other living creatures merely EVERYTHING so as to increase its power and rage. In one word, its the monstrous cruel king in water world.
*Killer Whale Beach Attack 3D features*
• 3 giant and wild water beasts – command your shark and attack
• Exciting whale missions for you to create chaos
• Vibrant models of blood thirsty whales
• Real water physics, cool shark movements and animations
• Amazing 3D beach environment
• Limited life blood to survive
• Amazing camera angles
• Introductory map to guides and locate prey
• Explore amazing under water world
• Extra smooth controls and play awesome 3D graphics and realistic surroundings.
Intuit256 by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
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  1. Orcas. Don't. Hunt. Humans.
    This is THE new whale, the Great Black Whale, of which looks like an Orca but isn't. (Made it up, but hey)


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