I visit Free Play in Arlington, a retro arcade and get some help beating a game from a young dude


In this one, I visit Free Play in Arlington.
You pay $10 admission and all of the over 110 games are set to free play.
I’ll be going here again. I hope you like the video.

I live near the Dallas area. I go to Six Flags a lot, so you might check out those videos also.
I’m currently an Uber driver, so the content might be Uber related at times.
I’ll upload whatever comes to mind or is happening on any given day, but I try to go to interesting places.

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  1. Hey savage, I going to be at six flags on Saturday i would like to collab with you for a video if you are able to then that would be great.

  2. Those arcades are cool. We have 1 here in Georgia too. They even have bunch of tv's with all the old Nintendo, Atari, Sega and the others. Funny though, unless went to chuck e cheese type places, , our arcades back in the 80s didn't allow food or drink.


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