Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye Jin spotted on a cozy, private date in Paris


Hyun Bin ❤️ Son Ye Jin spotted on a cozy, private date in Paris


Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin spotted on a cozy, private date in Paris. The couple were on a vacation to Paris and caught the attention of netizens in various social communities. They have been seen enjoying their cozy private moments. Thay had lunch together,
Finally Fan’s wish came true………………….

Their dating rumors spread Again. But at the promotional event they directly denied the rumors.
Hyun Bin said “ As you see, we just laughed it off. The rumors did not hinder my decision to choose this project. I have worked and became close with Son Ye Jin previously. She was an actress I wanted to work with again. The opportunity came and I happily took it………………


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  1. If the rumors were true the Why do they need to hide if they fell deeply in love for each other, and the fact is they are already at 38/39 years old way beyond at their marrying age…

  2. I think it's rude to call them getting caught,what do you mean by getting caught when they didn't do anything bad to get caught bruhhhh….you should've atleast said they were seen together🤦

  3. iam so excited whenever there news that they are getting married…..hoping that time will come I will be one of the million fans that are crazy …happy for it is a happy ending to both of them…..they are really meant to each other…..congratulations Binjin I know very well that you both are good husband and wifey in life……lve u guys

  4. Get married asap n build a family..age is catching on u bth..care n share together until the end.. fans care for u bth.🤩

  5. I’m always disappointed when I watch your videos because I think you’ll provide actual FACTS. For fans of these two, you provide nothing new. Just had to comment about them because it always sucks me in and I wasted my time. 😕

  6. I believe its real, they were been dating since their 1st movie (the negotiation ).. but i think they need to ask some tips from parkpark couple who are good in “ninja moves” 🤪😜🥰 they haven’t been caught until now😘😜 but then let them have their own personal space stop being a paparazzi hayst!

  7. If they are really together they will announce it and no one can stop it. But maybe, for now, their feelings are just friends or not that strong to announce it publicly, so lets just wait, if they are meant to be or not, don't put a lot of pressure about their feelings because in the end, they may not end up together.

  8. There really is no need to audio record because differences in accents just distract us from the message. Please just put subtitles across the page.

  9. I love Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Can you please make sure to post or reassure that there is something new and REAL with what you post. You are nothing but speculative narrator giving false hopes in your video titles to viewers.

  10. They really look good together. There's nothing wrong if they are in a relationship. Clock is ticking, they are not getting any younger. Best wishes BinJin.

  11. I read the caption and thought seriously during this pandemic they really went for a date but after viewing the video its all about the past……..please stop making unecessary videos assuming about their relationship without proper eveidence🤞 If we fans keep on doing like this Yejin unni wont be able to post pic of her and hyunbin……even though just as a friend she wants to post like the videos and pic she used to post during their negotiation filming days🤞

  12. Kindly stop hallucinating that they are a couple because for 2 yrs they have been denying that they are dating. Just
    accept the fact that they are just friends.

  13. I wish this news is true but to bad that you just used compilation picture to show the lies. Share accurate news and real pictures please..🙏

  14. you posted a wrong picture of them… you are manipulated the pict… the one pict is sojisub and his wife … you are such a thug….

  15. Because of this hysteria, we will be deprived of the pleasure to see them work together again. Furthermore, we may have destroyed a nice friendship. Bravo to all of us!

  16. Why are you using So Ji Sub and Jo Eun Chungs photo at 5:20? It just makes the whole video look like a lie…

    Not credible at all…

  17. In a perfect world people wouldn't spread gossip about others but instead focus on doing something of real value in their own lives. Next time you go out with your friend or special someone, I'll be there with my phone and film you! Wouldn't you just love that?

  18. Is it compulsory actor must marry actress. Can they marry a non celebrity. Some actors who marry non celebrity are even happier. With high rate of divorce between celebrities I will suggest they should marry from other career people. Can’t they marry a teacher, Doctor , accountant, pharmacist, entrepreneur etc. if I’m an actress all I want is a man that is not after my money but have much love to give me. Money will always be there for us to spend. Love is the ultimate.

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