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Hey guys. In this video, i will be showing you how to use cheats on your official GBA games and cartridges without a Gameshark or Action Replay. This tutorial will teach you how to rip the game, and then rip the save file, edit it on the PC with the emulator and cheat codes, and then write the save file back to the official game.

I have attached a cheat code sheet below with known working codes i have tested! please feel free to view it and add to it so we can have the biggest working sheet as of 2019! You never know, by contributing, you might also find another code somone else has contributed, which you have been looking for, for a long time!

Don’t forget to let me know if you guys want me to make a video on something and i’ll do my best to deliver it to you


– My Cheat Code Sheet –
– No$GBA –
– GBA Backup Tool –
– notepad ++ (Optional) –

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  1. No matter what i try the rom always opens as new game rather than with my save file. i've double checked the file names, tried redownloading and re backing up but the save is always empty! any tips?

  2. This is an absolute genius idea! Thanks to you I won’t have to buy one of those 190€ action replays off eBay! Thanks a lot man! ♥️

  3. Great tutorial! But I want to ask, if I played through emerald on VBA will I be able to override the save file? Will there be any problems with cheats?

  4. Hey great video! With this in mind can’t you just download a save copy with all Pokédex and all shiny Pokémon, navel rock, etc. and transfer to my authentic copy? Or will that not work? Pretty much asking if I can replace my authentic emerald copy with a hacked crazy good account and if I can do this, do I need that gba to pc usb thing or can I just buy that tt thing and it would work.

  5. This is awesome, thanks for the upload man. I have one worry before I dive in doing this. Will this cause the other games to see it as an illegitimate copy of the game after flashing? Like how, when you try to use a repro gen 3 Pokémon game with the poke park in gen 4, it doesn’t work?

    I don’t know exactly what causes the other games to see repro carts as illegitimate so I’m scared to mess with flashing a legit one. Can you test the ones you flash here to make sure it still works with a gen 4 title on a ds?

  6. Anybody know if the "R4GoldPro" (the one you see on Amazon for $25) has this functionality? It's the best cheap one i can find that seems reliable.
    (cheapness is including shipping, any site other than amazon makes you pay upwards of $40 if you include shipping, the one i mentioned has free shipping.)

    [By the way, I don't need to do the full game hacking shenanigans. All i need is the mew event ticket (whichever one that is), and as such only need to be able to run an Even Injector at the very least]

  7. Dude, thanks! Game sharks can run from $100 to $200 now a days, and i can't drop that kind of money just to access events in pokemon that i can't otherwise obtain.

  8. wow I got a code breaker and this video pops up I thought there was no way to hack real game cartridges without ez flash/ gameshark / code breaker

  9. Your master sheet doesn’t have leaf green or fire red codes. I’ve legit been searching for hours trying to find a 12 digit code for LG walk though walls and a 12 digit code for max game corner coins

  10. Hi there, can I use this method to put the event tickets in my emerald game?

    If so, will loading a save onto the GBA cartridge mean that it won't be counted as an official one and I won't be able to trade and transfer from it? Want to try and bring mew and deoxys forward to current gens.

  11. I'm so annoyed, I'm playing Sapphire on my DS and apparently because my internal battery is empty time based events can no longer be initiated (?). What that means is I can't get into that cave where team magma is in that floods according to time of the day because mine is stuck being flooded🤦. All I wanna do is fight the last gym I can't believe I have to do all of this just to play the game normally. Do you have any idea how I can fix this without all of this??

  12. Need some advice. I'm getting ready to spend a lot of money on a gameshark. But people are saying its gonna break. And this worries me. What should I do to keep it Operational.

  13. thanks a bunch man! i was having issues with my action replay and this really helped! best video for GBA pokemon guys this also works with the gba event injector! new link:


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