How to Remove Svchost.exe Virus (Removal guide)


Svchost.exe is Located at “C:windowssystem32svchost.exe”,any file named “svchost.exe” located in other folder can be considered as a malware/Trojan. And if you find any file with name Scvhost.exe at some other Location then it is an indication of virus or trojan.

Svchost.exe is basically a System process used for hosting multiple instances of Windows Services at a Time and is basically not a virus.

Svchost virus is a kind of malware that uses a name similar to svchost.exe but the difference is that svchost.exe virus is located at “C:WindowsTempsvchost.exe”

Svchost.exe will modify the following subkey in order to running:

Infected with svchost.exe virus? How do I REMOVE svchost.exe virus?
Svchost.exe virus removal step by step:
Step1: Reboot your computer into Safe Mode.
Step2: Remove associated svchost.exe virus files usually located at “C:WindowsTempsvchost.exe”.
Step3: Remove associated svchost.exe virus Registry Information.

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  1. Bro my every litterally 2-3 softwares such as vlc media some games gta 5
    Is showing the error application 0xc0000005 or 7
    Will it fix it

  2. i have like 30 of them but when i go to task manager and click open file location the location of them is system 32.That means I dont have virus??

  3. How do you get rid of the SRC workers that's invaded my laptop? Everyone I get they replace my win10 with win6 which is bogus.

  4. Hey here any one computer master plz reply me because my problem is different about svchot.exe plz reply

  5. svchost.exe isn’t a virus at all.
    When you go to Task Manager there will be like 10-20 of them.Do not try to delete them by yourself it could crash your computer.When you go to service in the task manager on svchost.exe files will be
    if its this that isn’t a Virus if its a Admin/Administrator call the specialist.

  6. Shit fuck shit fuck shit fuck fuck oh no I almost messed up how do I undo what I did god damn it oh nooooo I started to stopped svchost but realized system 32 had it how do I hit start on the service

  7. What is svchost.exe wsappx?

    The svchost.exe wsappx is an important service in the process of Windows which is responsible for and is responsible for the windows store program and high CPU or high disk usage by the windows PCs. This problem of consuming high CPU by the WSAPPX is mainly seen in the Windows 10 computers.


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