How to insert code breaker in GBA FF *Part 1


Here Im trying to explain how to insert a code breaker, in your Game boy advance.
Its easy.. let me show you in this video, aditionally i show how to import a GameShark Snapshot into your GBA, also showing a litle about firefox addons..
And sorry for my grammar :/
**Part 2:

Thanks for watching.

*If you want download de VBA emulator, here:

*And other download links:

If you need help visita: and comment asking for info. Both in spanish and english.


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  1. @Ninnetyer how do i get gba insertion hack on emulator because i have fire red and emerald and ruby rom and i have no gba

  2. Thats really helpful of you and thanks i was just curious on what to do with codebreaker codes. I'm sorta new to the whole use Gameshark thing on my computer.

  3. Ehi man. Could you answer my question if you know that? I was cheating Advance wars 2 Black Hole rising just to insert the Black Hole HQ in the Editor mode…but do you know wich cheat?? I used "All teams" and "All colour edit" but it didn' t work…

  4. Other example would be, If I have Pacman(ID 1111), and same version of Pacman but this one with (ID 2222), and I want codes for pacman (of course I dont know wich ID of pacman I have), here you must be careful because, codes from pacman ID 1111 will not work in ID 2222 and Viceversa, know question is which ID my rom has, there must be a tool or something, a fast way is saving Gameshark snapshot, exporting/importing will show you your ID (more info in part 2 of this vid).
    I hope it helps you…

  5. It is because you got another version of the Final Fantasy Rom, (you must know that certain codes are just for a specific version), example I have Pacman1(with ID 5555), then I must search codes only for that version, but if i try to paste codes from the pacman2 version with (ID: 11111) then those codes will never work in pacman1, try downloading another rom version, or pm me to send you a link with the FFRom.

  6. i did this on FF IV(gameshark though) and it froze after first fight everytime got a way around that?
    Note: i got everything but i prefer gameshark if possible.


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