How To Create A Chat App In Android And NodeJS Using WebSockets | Part 1


In this video series, you will learn to use WebSockets in Android and NodeJS by creating a simple chat application

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  1. Hello..Can we do we a live audio streaming here..where one app is sending the voice and other apps hear…one to many broadcast live ??

  2. Can you make a tutorial on how to make an android private (One to One) chat app with WebSockets, this will be great.

  3. (Love you bro) you're awesome reallly you're creating actual and skillful content on YouTube i'm also a front-end developer…..

  4. Hi, Could you please advice me where can I find images for my android app (I mean images like you used in 2D Games in Android Studio tutorial – bird, backgroud, pilot, etc.)? Also, if you make these images on your own, could you please advice me which program do you use ?

  5. Hello sir , I am new to developing games …. i watched your videos …..very nice videos….

    But in your youtube playlist there is a video named How to make 2d games in android …

    I want to know that background is moving towards left but i want to move the background towards right then what changes should i do….i also comented there to ask this..plz rply sir


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